The Moment You Left Me

Its about a girl name Bella.She goes out with Niall for 2 months.Then Niall hears a dirty secret about Bella then leaves her.

hope you like<3


2. You Heard

(Bella pov) (12am) I woke up to my phone ringing so i got up and got my phone it was my best friend  Jogie. I picked it up and she asked me do i want to go out to eat and i said sure just give me a min then I hung up the phone. I when to the bathroom took my shower ,got dress,and did my hair.I called Jogie and told her that i was waiting for her. I when out side and Jodie pulled up. I got in the car and then my phone started ringing and it was Niall. I picked it up and he said "hey babie I miss you"then he asked what I was I doing today and I told him that I was hang out with Jogie,then Jogie and I was at "Burger Kings" so i told him i had to go then hung up.  Me and Jogie was eating and talking about how she meet a boy at a party that she went to last night. Then after we was done eating we went back to the flat. (2pm)We was back at the flat. We sat down on the couch but i forgot that i leave my phone in my back pocket,and we was talking about my dirty secret that i haven't told Niall yet. Me and Jogie was talking about how I have another boyfriend then i heard my phone hung up.(1hour later)Jogie lift and i was home alone then my phone rang it was Niall. I answer the phone and Niall was crying i asked him why was he crying and he told me how he heard the message that i gave to him. I told him that i didn't send him a message in till I remember when i heard the beep from my phone. I tried to tell Niall sorry but he wouldn't talk to me, then he told me that it was over and i can spin the rest of my life with the boy i'm in love with. I tried telling him that he's the only one for me but he wouldn't listen to me so our love was over.(2years later)I was at park with my best friend Jogie and i seen that Niall was married to a girl with black hair with blue eyes. He looked at me and i looked at him. I tried to say hi to him but he just turn away from me so me and Jogie keep walking.

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