The Moment You Left Me

Its about a girl name Bella.She goes out with Niall for 2 months.Then Niall hears a dirty secret about Bella then leaves her.

hope you like<3


1. A Bad Day


(Bella pov) I woke up to the most perfect person to me every morning my boyfriend Niall. But this time he wasn't there,so i went to the kitchen and Niall was making breakfast. I walked in,went behind him,and kissed his neck. I sat on the counter and said "good morning babie" he turned around and said with a sad face "babie i have something very important to talk to you about", i looked at him and said okay. I walked to the bathroom looked inside the mirror and was thinking if he found out about my secret. Then I went in the shower,washed up, put on boyfriend jeans,with a long sleeve shirt,and with my hair in a pony tail. I sat in the living room Niall came and sat next to me and said babie me and the boy are going on tour  i look at him and said Niall that's great, in tell he told me that they was going to be gone for 6 months and he's leaving tomorrow. I looked at him and said "but Niall our anniversary is coming up in two day,you cant go". Then i put my head in the pillow and started crying.(Niall pov) I really didn't want to break Bella's heart on our anniversary,so to make it up i was going to take her out to the move. I got up and went out to get her gift for our anniversary in tell my phone rang and it was Paul telling me that we was leaving tonight,so i said okay and hung up the phone i went to a jewelry store to buy her a  earrings then i went back flat to tell Bella the  bad news. (5pm) I was back at the flat and i seen Bella setting there watching tv. I set next to Bella and told her the bad news.(Bella pov) I i looked at Niall and started crying then i got up and said okay Niall then walked out and went to the bedroom.(1hour) Niall walked in and started packing his bag. I got up and said are you really going, he came up to me and said yes i have to and then said sorry Bella i would do every thing to talk to you. I gave him a huge  and said bye then felled asleep on the couch. 

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