The Diamond Thief

Emma J. and The Seekers are on a mission to catch the Diamond Thief! They are spies who protects the city and has magical powers. But, when someone stole their precious Diamond they're lives are in for a big surprise! And when they meet boys, they've been concentrating on them and not the thief. What will they choose? Boy or Diamond?


1. The Role

"Let's go girls!" I screamed. I put the rope around my bottom, tightened it and ready for take off! Hi! I'm Emma J. Or people call me EmJ it's more better like that! I'm like the leader of The Seekers. Here are the rest of The Seekers: Emily, the tough, scientist and brave girl. Jenny, the skater girl. Sav, the singer but strong gurl. And Velvet, the bubbly and stylish of the group. And together were The Seekers! "Emily you activate the bomb, Jen carry the sleeping darts, Sav and Velvet you two back me up with the guys." I said. "Roger that EmJ!" Everybody yelled. Then we were off! I jumped out of the roof and broke the window to pieces. The broken glass swooshed out of my skin and Emily activated the smoke! "Everybody cover your nose!" I yelled as I swing front. Jen is up looking for dudes and ready for the sleeping darts. Sav and Vel are on my back with guns pointing. I landed! I did hand signals to Sav and to Vel. We walked slowly, searching for the golden chain and the enemy. "Enemy in the perimeter!" Jen shouted. I targeted and two dudes were like running towards us! I shoot and score! I signaled Jen to shoot him. Even the other guys. Two guys are approaching again! With knives! Yikes! Only way to solve it is to kick their butt! I grabbed their left hands and twirled them in the sky and Vel tangled them with ropes. "Alright! Where is the golden chain?" Sav asked. "Surrender now!" I yelled. I saw a guy helding up his hands and me of them were the golden chain! "I surrender!" He said. Must be the leader. He handed us the golden chain and tangled him with knots on his hands. Emel and Jen took them to the jet and locked them up. I called my Mom and said "mission accomplished!" We yelled. "Good job girls! Another victory! U may come back home, stay safe!" She said. "Thanks mom! Love u!" I said. "U too!" Replied back. "We need to celebrate with ice creams!" Vel suggested. We all agreed and followed her to this ice cream shop and eat it! Victory is ours! We yelled! Once we were done, we had to go back to our houses because we have school tomorrow! Gotta study for the test! I flew the jet and went back home I turned my laboratory back to a normal room. I head for my desk and cramped all night. "Good night sweetheart." My mom popped at my door. I nodded and turned the lights off with my super vision. Since my mom is a genius, she invented this antidote so we could have powers. Cuz last time she was a spy and she wanted me to be the same too. Then, I slept. 

Beep! Beep! My alarm! Time for school! I woke up and headed for the showers and brushed my teeth and asked Vel for some tips BECUZ she's a fashion gurl! "You should wear white top with designs of course! And pink embellishments short" Vel said. "Ok! Tnx!" I Said. We just talked by powers. Having powers is so COOL! I went downstairs and grabbed a banana. My mom said good bye and I did too. And flew off! "I believe I can fly!" That song is stuck in my head every time I fly in the sky. I saw emel and at walked with her to class. "Rough flight HUH?" She asked with a chuckle. "Yep... Stupid feathers!" I said and we laughed. We saw Vel and just waved at her. She was with the other popular kids. Vel is like the popular gurl in school! The queen! Then we headed to class. I cramped whole night and Im ready! I have powers , meaning I can cheat! Just kidding :) haha!

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