The Diamond Thief

Emma J. and The Seekers are on a mission to catch the Diamond Thief! They are spies who protects the city and has magical powers. But, when someone stole their precious Diamond they're lives are in for a big surprise! And when they meet boys, they've been concentrating on them and not the thief. What will they choose? Boy or Diamond?


2. School

I headed for my 1st period in Science, not my greatest subject. As I swung the door, I was relieved that I wasn't late for my class. I quickly slid to my seat and took out all the materials. I looked up and saw Mr. Fitz handing out our previous test for the book of "Olmes", it's a boring book. I got an A-, at first it was horrible and claiming for a better grade but I think it just sounded geeky. I shoved it in to my binder and started to write some random things in my paper. Knock! Knock! I heard at the door, I shouted "I'll get it!" Enough for Blake to wake up. I opened the door and saw a cute guy. I let him in and let mr fitz know. "I've been transferred here" he said. Mr Fitz nodded and pointed him to his seat.. Next to me! What should I do? Talk to him? "Please introduce yourself" Fitz said. "Uhm.. Ok! I'm Ben and I'm a boy" he chuckled softly. Everyone laughed. Hey! At least he brought laughter to the class, which never even happened. Mr. Fitz was explaining something about The Atmosphere, I tried to listen but I couldn't help staring at Ben. Wait! I'm a spy, and I need to concentrate. I slapped myself and listened to every word he say. Class was over and I just sat quietly in my seat. "Hey" I heard a voice beside me. I looked to my right and saw Ben! "Hi!" I said. I'm hoping he would ask me out, if I have time with all the missions. "Would you--ring!!! I heard a phone rang and I realized it was mine. Oh shoot! "Gotta take this, sorry!" I said to him but he already turned away. Mom called me and had to take me and the seekers to our secret lab. "Wrong timing mom!" I yelled. "What's so important?" She asked. I didn't answer her question BECUZ this mission IS a big deal. "Ok, spill it!" Emily asked me. "Bout WAT?" I asked. "Oh! Come on! Tell me! PLS?" She begged. I whispered, "this new guy was about to ask me out- I think?" I said. "Nice, but don't get distracted by boys" she replied. "Don't worry" I responded back. But, he does distracts me..but, I'm here to complete the mission. So, back to reality EmJ!  

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