The Diamond Thief

Emma J. and The Seekers are on a mission to catch the Diamond Thief! They are spies who protects the city and has magical powers. But, when someone stole their precious Diamond they're lives are in for a big surprise! And when they meet boys, they've been concentrating on them and not the thief. What will they choose? Boy or Diamond?


3. Epic Fail!

The mission was horrible! I clearly got the bandit but he sprayed pepper on my eyes. Now, I have to wear this stupid glasses to school! I look ridiculous. We went back to school BECUZ we had no reason to stay there. I swung the door open and handed Mr. Fitz a note of excuse. I slid to my seat and started copying what he wrote on the board, then I heard someone call me name. I looked around and saw Ben handing me a note. Note: what happened to you? And meet me at the tree after this class k? I replied: uh.. Nothing! Just an emergency call! And yeah sure! :). Okay this time I wanted class to be over! I was clearly thinking about what Ben is going to say to me! I wonder what. Ring! Yes! Class is over and when I looked next to me, Ben was gone! Wow. He's pretty fast for a guy like him. I walked to the tree next to room 19. I looked around and saw Ben waiting for me. I tried to play it cool. "Hey!" I greeted. "Sup?" He replied back. I just smiled at him and he talked, finally! "Uhh.. Remember our last Conversation? Would you--" he was going for it but I shouted really loud "YES!!!" I screamed. Then, he looked so shocked  and he stared at me for like 5 minutes. "Uhh..I'm..I. I'm sorry " I apologized. Was that bad? I was just excited k? "It's cool! It's not like I'm giving you 1 million dollars, so slow down man!" He said. Did he just called me "man?" Is that good? To be seen as a "MAN"?? I let him continue. "Would you-help me study for the test next Friday?" He asked me. Epic fail! "Uh.. Sure, yeah! Why me?" I asked. He stared at the ground for a few seconds and answered "Cuz your like the smartest one!" He said. "Oh! Well, I would love to but I'm sorta busy lately.." I said. "and I'm not sure if I have the time" I added. He nodded and walked away. "Wait!" I yelled but he was already gone :( so much for my outfit! I heard girls laughter and saw two older girls laughing at me. "Wow! That was interesting.." Blonde said. "A popular boy and a..? You girl, I think Bennie needs a new study mate and throw them like the rest if the nerds" shortie said. I was embarrassed! I walked away and wiped some of the tears. Maybe If I could ask my mom to let me re-tire from the spy missions? I couldn't.  I went to class and tried to forget everything! 

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