The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


14. Chapter 14


 I saw Niall walk up the stairs he looked pretty mad. I made the boys leave so I could talk to him. He walked inside I put down my plate of bacon eggs and hashbrowns. "What the hell your pregnant with my child you can't go out with Harry. 

"You don't care you were just using me and you even called me a hoe!" I said I grabbed a can of whip cream from the fridge I put it on my hashbrowns and bacon. 

"What the hell are you talking about!" Niall yelled I took a bite of the my bacon covered in bacon. 

"I heard everything Harry butt dialed me Niall you called me a hoe then Harry said you were using me!" I said I grabbed a fork and started to harshly stab my food and shove it in my mouth. 

"That was before I went on that date with you and I fell in love!" He said a tear fell down his eye I stared at it as hit fell down his eyes an into the counter I became envious of people who could cry. I always wanted to be able to cry and not worry about being killed or someone using it at the fountain of youth I that were to happen it would wipe out all the full bloods. 

"You should have never had used me Nialler" I said I smelt a vampire but it wasn't any of the boys. I walked outside and followed the scent it smelt very girlly. I saw the boys they looked at me like I was crazy I smelt Siva then I heard him howl in pain. I think the others heard cuz they started to run too. I saw Siva he was still a wolf and his Leon cages were crushed I ran over to him he transformed back into a human form and looked at me the boys rushed over to me. "I need you guys to take him to the river!" I yelled at Harry and Niall

"what will that do?" Niall said 

"just do it please!" I said they picked him up and went to the river they laid him down as I jumped in the river I came up to the surface and grabbed his hands he looked at me and smiled. Water came up from me and went all over him healing his rib cages he past out in the process. I got out and dried myself off. Harry and Niall were watching me I put my hands on his ribs they were healed perfectly. His eyes shot open and he was gasping for air. 

"Stazia!" He said I pulled him into a hug 

"Go home Siva please!" I said he nodded and got up running home in his wolf form. I smelt the other vampire she was getting farther and farther away I quickly stood up and ran I ran to the lake I was by Nialls flat when her smell got a little closer I heard the Niall and Harry trying to catch up to me I looked at the lake I jumped in and swam across the lake. I pulled myself onto shore and dried myself off and ran I soon found myself at Hunter's house I walked inside his friends from last night were on the floor lifeless I heard Hunter scream then it got cut off I followed the noise I saw her she was sucking hunters blood. When she was done she dropped his lifeless body and came closer to me. 

"What are you doing here prego!" She smiled I looked at her she had long brown hair and was very beautiful. "What are you you smell like a vampire but you can't be one your pregnant but you also smell like a dog but you can't be that either or else you would try to kill me right now." 

"I'm Stazia!" I smiled I stuck out my hand. She looked at me funny but shook my hand 

"Sam!" She returned my smile 

"I'm a mermaid!" I smiled her eyes went wide

"You can't be you have legs!" She said 

"I'm a half blood" 

"Your baby is a vampire, you know one!" 

"Yes I know five actually!" I smiled we heard voices downstairs it sounded like Harry and Niall. 

"Anastazia! You in here!" I heard Niall yell 

"My baby daddy is here would you like to meet him?" I smiled she nodded we walked down the stairs. 

"There you are I've been looking everywhere for you you had me worried sick-" Harry paused and looked at Sam."Whose your friend?" 

"That's Sam!" I said she came and stood next to me.

"Hello, I'm Sam." She smiled 

"Hi Sam I'm Niall and this is Harry" Niall said "Staz you can't just run off like that and follow your nose you could have gotten yourself killed!"

"Says the one who was using me!" I muttered under my breath I walked past hem and jumped into the lake I swam to the cave. I sat down on the bench thing and stared at my tail. It's rainbow colors sparkling in the water. 

"You have a very pretty tail you know!" I turned around and saw Sam. I smiled she was in a bikini she came in and sat on the bench next to me.


"They're out looking for you" 

"I know I just need to think and get away from everyone. "

"I feel it that's why I ran to the forest then I saw a wolf who tried to kill me." 

"Yeah I know you crushed his ribs but don't worry I don't think he'll hurt you he's very kind." 

"Do you know him?" 

"Yes he is my brothers band mate!" 

"Whose your brother?" 

"Nathan Sykes" 

"From the wanted?" 

"Yeah I guess I don't really listen to music if I'm not at home sleeping and eating I'm in the water swimming around" 

"Oh, did you know your baby daddy is in a band?" 

"Yeah wonder action something like that right?"

"one direction! I'm a huge fan of them my favorite is Zayn!" 

"He's like my doctor he checks on the baby from time to time. I'm actually supposed to be at their house by 1 Zayn said he wanted to check on him."

"Your having a boy" 

"yeah we're naming him Gerardo"

"that's so cute I can't wait to see him, I always wanted children but then I got turned" she sighed 

"I'll let you be his baby sitter!" I laughed she cheered my stomach grumbled "are you hungry, I didn't finish eating earlier if you want you can accompany me we're eating bacon eggs and hash browns"

"I'd love too I love bacon!" She cheered I pulled myself out and dried off. She helped me off the ground we walked inside and sat at the table I served her some food and I went back to mine we started to chat and eat. Nobody was home it was just me and her we were chatting getting to know each other she was really cool and we have a lot in common I think I just found a new best 'girl' friend!

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