The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


7. 7.

 "Stazia why is your vampire boyfriend here?" Tom asked he was a bit angry but they won't do anything cuz they know how I am when it comes to fighting. 

"Uhm he's not my boyfriend!" I sassed with my mouth full. 

"No of course not thats your baby daddy" Siva butted in. 

"Who says I'm pregnant!" 

"All of us and it's a vampire baby because its growing to fast to be a human baby." Max butted in. 

"And the only vampire you had sex with is Niall." Tom said 

"Are you guys mad at me?" I asked they shook there head 'no'. I smiled and waved for them to come over wich they did. 

"Hi I'm Nathan" Nathan introduced himself he stuck out his hand it had ketchup on it so he just put it down. 

"I'm Niall that's Harry and that's Louis." Niall smiled 

"So this is the vampire who knocked you up?" Siva asked

"Siva be nice it was my fault just as much as his!" I scolded he got up and went inside. I put my burger on my plate I wasn't feeling so good I turned around and threw up all over Louis. It looked all sparkly and was was very colorful. Nath and the others were laughing. I wiped my mouth and looked up at Louis. "I'm sorry!" 

"It's okay you didn't mean it just next time warn someone." Louis shouted I looked back at Nathan he was laughing. I looked at my plate my burger was gone. 

"Who took my burger I was going to eat that!" 

"Me and Tom split it sorry babe you know the rules." Max said puting his hands up in defense. 

"This barf smells like candy" Louis said I nodded 

"Yeah ugh do you want me to help clean it off?" I asked handing him some napkins. He shook his head 'no' and started to wipe it off. 

"I don't get it you guys don't like us why aren't we like fighting or anything?" Harry asked

"We would if my sister wasn't here. We treat her like a princess whatever she says goes!" Max spoke up. 

"Is that why on the night of the full moon one of you came back?" Niall asked 

"yep and if you hurt her for any reason we'll kill you and the rest of your little band" Nathan said I smiled 

"Don't worry I'll treat her and our baby like the prince and princess they are" Niall smiled kissing me on the cheek. I could feel myself blushing. 

"You better she's all the family we got" max said I smiled we all sat down at the table. 

"You guys want a burger?" I asked smilimg I took Siva's burger off his plate and started to eat it. 

"No thanks love we don't eat human food" Louis smiled I nodded some ketchup fell on my tummy Niall wiped it away the boys started talking about the baby and its gender and crap. It's a boy. I sat there eating my burger listening every so often I would nod my head in agreement. I was sitting on Nialls lap. Zayn and Liam came and sat with us they had blood bags with them. How grody. They talked about me moving in with them they started to argue about it till I spoke up and said I wanted to stay here and I'm not going to move anywhere. Siva locked himself in the house I saw him through the window watching us a couple of times he was pretty mad. We're naming the bay Gerardo how cute.  

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