The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


3. 3.

  I feel broken I was at the door to the house I fixed myself up I let majestics daughter play with my hair and she put colorful seashells in it and braided it. I liked it but then again I'm a fish I think everything decorated with seashells and sea creatures are beautiful I had starfishes for earrings they were little ones that stuck on me and would talk they were really funny sometimes I live them. I walked in Nathon was sitting on the couch with the others. He saw me and took me in a hug. If I could cry I'd probably would be doing that. He carried me to mine and Siva's room and sat me on my bed. "What happened yesterday Tom told me you let vampires in the house." He said I took in a deep breath And told him what happened. He told me what happened with Siva. I hugged Nathon even tighter. He rubbed my back when Siva came in. "What do you want Siva?" He snapped 

"To see if you guys are okay you've been in here for an hour and Niall is at the door he wants to see you to apologize for the fish" Siva said 

"Tell him ill meet him at his house later I don't want to see him now!" I said he nodded and walked out. "I don't want to be with him!" 

"Then brake up with him" Nathan said 

"I will. I have to go see Niall bye Nath. I'll be home later." I sighed I changed my clothes I put on a dress with some flats the dress went with the sea shells in my hair. I walked out of the house and into the forest. They live on the other side of the forest it's a big  forest. I have to cross the river to get there but I think I'll just use the river up to the lake. I heard branches behind me I didn't turn around though I kept walking. I reached the river I jumped in and swam to the lake. I got out of the lake and onto the shore. I dried my tail and walked up to their house. I knocked on the door and Harry answered. "Can I see Niall please?" I asked not looking at his eyes. I'm still mad for killing those clownfish. 

"Look at me" he yelled I still didn't look at him. 

"No!" I said loud enough for him to hear. 

"I said look at me!" He yelled grabbing me by my jaw 

"No!" I yelled back he tightened his grip

"Harry leave her alone!" Niall said Harry loosened the grip on my jaw very slowly he let go.

"Don't let her in the house she's related to Nathan Sykes." Harry whispered in Nialls ear. 

"I know they're wolves." He whispered back I crossed my arms and backed away from them while they had there conversation on my brother I sat at the shore of the lake. I waited for Niall to stop talking to Harry. He finally did and came over to me and sat down. "Sorry about Harry he's not a fan of them since a mermaid killed his cousin."

"It was probably a full blood I don't kill humans but I'm only half blood Harry needs to know if he wants to kill a mermaid you have to make them cry once you get there tears you burn it then the mermaid dies. It's tough to make 'em cry especially full bloods its like they don't feel sadness." I smiled 

"Do you feel sadness?" 

"Yeah but I never cry" 

"Oh, I like your shells!" He said pointing to my shells I pulled one out and my hair fell down. I had long hair that goes all the way down to my knees. 

"Here keep it!" I smiled he too the shell it was the same color as my tail. 

"I couldn't it's yours it wouldn't be nice."  He held out the shell for me to take I closed his hand and shook my head 'no' 

"There's plenty of shells in the sea keep it! Think of it like a gift from a friend!" I smiled he opened his hand and looked at it. 

"Thanks I think it's beautiful like you!" He smiled I blushed he was really cute. 

"Thanks, It's the color of my tail." I laughed my phone buzzed I checked it it was Siva. 

"Do you want to go out later?" Niall asked I took my attention away from my phone. 

"I'd love too but I can't tonight, what about tomorrow at eight?" I asked he smiled at me

"Perfect!" He stood up stretching out his hand. I gladly took it and stood up. 

"I have to go Siva's looking for me, I'll see you tomorrow uhm can we meet up at the river?" 

"Yeah that's fine I'll see you tomorrow" he kissed my cheek and walked me closer to the lake. 

"Bye Niall" I said walking in the lake. 

"Bye stazia!" He waved walking back to his house. I swam to the bottom of the lake and found a heart shaped locket I grabbed it then swam to the river I got out and dried my tail. I walked back home Siva was on the porch waiting for me. I saw him and my smile disappeared I walked over to him and sat down he tried to kiss me on my cheek but I jerked away. 

"Siva I ugh I don't think we should be together anymore!" I blurted I looked down at the locket I found. It was rusty I couldn't open it. 

"Please Stazia I love you don't do this to me, with out you I'm nothing."he begged 

"No! Nathan told me you cheated an last night I looked at the moon and I guess I cheated with Niall after Harry tried to kill me I guess but I'm sorry I can't be be with you anymore, we can still share a room if you'd like" I sighed I got up and walked inside I sat on the couch next to Tom. He started smelling me. 

"You smell like a vampire were you with Niall just now?" He growled towering over me his eyes turned yellow. 

"Tom your scaring me!" I whimpered he backed up his eyes went back to there normal color. I got up and walked to my room I laid on mine and Siva's bed I stared up at the ceiling. The door opened and Siva walked in he laid down next to me. 

"I forgive you you were under the moons spell you didn't mean it Staz please I love you!" He begged tears were going down his face I wanted to kiss him and tell him yes but I couldn't he lied and cheated and I don't want that anymore. 

"Siva no I can't please don't make this harder than it already is!" 


"Don't babe me Siva I'm sleeping in Nathons room tonight" I said I got up and walked across the hall I knocked on the door. Tom answered them two share a room. 

"Can I crash here tonight please"I asked he nodded and stepped aside I walked in and sat down on Nathan's bed next hi Nathan. 

"You did it?" Nathan said I nodded 

"I found this today and I couldn't open it" I sighed I handed it to him he opened it in two seconds. "I lloosened it for you!" 

"Whatever floats your boat" sang I stuck my tongue out at him he just smiled. 

"What's inside of it?"

"A ruined picture!" He sassed I looked at it was a smudgey picture. I nodded 

"Here why don't you keep it?" Nathon said I looked at him. 

"It's not mine!" I defended 

"So finders keepers!" He sassed 

"But uhm... I guess so" I sighed I took the necklace back and put it on. I stared at it 

"Its beautiful Stazia it brings out your eyes!" The starfishes said I started to laugh. They're so cute. I laid down on Nathons bed staring at the necklace till I fell asleep. 

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