The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


22. :22

   I woke up to crying I opened my eyes and saw Gerardo. Harry wasn't in bed I got up I tried to stand up but I had a tail I looked around the bed a glass of water had spilt on me. I dried my tail and stood up I grabbed my shorts off the floor. I picked up Gerardo and he stopped crying he looked like he must have grown he looked as if he was six months. I sat on the bed with Gerardo in my arms I was playing with him he kept giggling. Harry came into the room he looked happy. "Good morning beautiful" he smiled I smiled back I stood up and walked to Harry. 

"Good morning babe!" I kissed him on his lips. I turned my attention back to Gerardo he was playing with my hair. 

"Are you hungry I saved you some food"

"Yeah thanks babe." I said we walked to the kitchen I sat down and Harry put a plate of food infront of me. 

"Here you go babe" Harry said I smiled 

"Thanks it looks good!" I smiled he sat next to me and played with Gerardo. Niall walked in the kitchen and it got really awkward he stared at Gerardo and Harry. I just ate my food. "Hey where's Steve?" I asked Harry

"Right here!" Steve said coming in the kitchen he looked at Gerardo. "He's so cute!" He smiled I nodded he looked at me then Gerardo "He looks like just like you too" Steve said I smiled Niall kept staring at Gerardo. I finished my food and out my plate in the trash since it was paper plate. 

"What do you want to do today?" Harry said 

"I want to take my baby home and show him to his room!" I smiled 

"Let's go then!" He smiled I walked up to Harry's room and grabbed Gerardo's things I wrapped him in a baby blanket then met Harry in the family room. He grabbed my free hand and walked me home I felt really happy. "Hey uhm yesterday Niall said my brother came over, what happened?" 

"I don't really remember I went into labor and you didn't answer your phone when I called you" I said 

"Next time he comes and I'm not there call me or one of the boys okay!" Harry said 

"Okay" I smiled we were crossing the bridge when Harry stopped me. 

"Hey this is where you gave me that rose!" He smiled 

"Yeah I remember I told you all about my powers and what happened with Niall when we first started fighting." I said 

"Yeah I remember I apologized for trying to kill you" he laughed 

"Then when I had to go you lent me your jacket cuz i was freezing and you followed me home. I don't know why but you did!" 

"I wanted to make sure you got home safe." He smiled

"That was a fun night!" I smiled

"yeah it was!" He smiled I looked at Gerardo. "We should get going!" He said I nodded we walked to my house the lights were all off. I opened the door and walked inside Harry was right behind me I turned on the lights. 

"SURPRISE!" Louis Liam Sam Zayn Ed and Steve shouted I looked around the house was decorated with blue balloons and streamers and there was a big sign that read 


I smiled Sam came up to me and hugged me. "It's beautiful!" I smiled 

"I knew you would like it!" Sam smiled everyone pulled me into a group hug. It was nice then Gerardo started to cry so we pulled apart. 

"Let's get this party started!" Louis yelled I set Gerardo down in the living room on the floor with some toys to entertain himself. I went over to Harry he was sitting on a stool in the kitchen I sat on his lap. I could see the baby from where I was sitting. 

"I love you babe!" I said to harry he smiled and kissed me on the lips. 

"I love you more!" He smiled I looked at Gerardo then back at Harry 

"He's so big!" I smiled 

"I know it's cuz he's a vampire in a moth he'll look as if he were five." Harry said 

"I love him!" I smiled

"I know I do too!" He said I smiled I looked at the counter there was cupcakes that looked really bomb. I grabbed one and got up I grabbed Gerardo and out him in his high chair. "Babe what are you doing?" Harry asked I took off the paper around the cupcake and gave it to the baby he gave me a big toothy smiled he had two teeth coming out on the bottom it wasn't fully out but it was coming. He shoved the cupcake in his face there was blue frosting all over him. 

"Babe will you hand me my camera please!" I laughed Harry handed me my camera I took pictures of his little frosting face. I walked back over to Harry I grabbed another cupcake. Harry was smiling at me 

"Whose going to be your next victim to have frosting on them!" Harry said I looked around the room I saw Steve talking to Liam and Louis talking to Ed and Sam and Zayn kissing on the couch. I turned back to Harry. 

"You!" I said shoving the cupcake in his fave then I took pictures. I sat back on his lap 

"Give me a kiss!" Harry smiled there was frosting all over his mouth and face.

"I would love too!" I said I held his face in my hands and gave him a kiss he licked my lip for entrance. Someone started to take pictures of us we pulled away I had frosting on my face. I saw Louis standing there with his phone taking pictures. 

"You guys make a cute couple all blue faced even your baby has a blue face I think your a cute little family." He smiled I looked at Harry and smiled he grabbed a cupcake as did I we started a cupcake fight Harry got me in the face a couple of times I got San Louis Ed and Liam in the face Zayn in the hair and Gerardo got him self. By the end of the night we were all blue

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