The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


2. 2.

  I woke up in the bathtub. It was filled with water and I had my glittery rainbow tail fun showing. I had left to door open I looked around I wasn't in my bathroom or any of the boys'. I drained the tub and steam dried my tail.  When my legs appeared I got out of the tub and out the bathroom. I looked both ways before I left nobody was there. I walked downstairs I saw the front door and opened it but a hand pushed it closed. "No your not going to the ocean!" Zayn scolded I turned around and looked at him.  

"Who said I was going to the ocean?" I asked I must've looked at moon. "Did I look at the moon last night?" 

"I don't know all I know is you wanted Niall to come with you to the ocean and you were very clingy to him" he said 

"Shit I need to go ugh whatever I did last night it wasn't me it was the moon and I'm sorry for any trouble I caused good bye" I said I opened the door again and left the house I saw a lake I jumped in and swam away as fast as I can. I swam to the cliff where Nathan and his mates usually are jumping off of. I poked my head out of the water I saw the boys Siva jumped in I made way for him to jump. Siva was my boyfriend we've been dating for a year now but I feel like he's cheating I've asked him but he calls me crazy and I agree with him. He hit the water I smiled and went under the water to meet him he saw me and smiled he swam to the surface as did I. 

"Hey babe what are you doing here!" He smiled kissing me

"I wanted to go for a swim I was going to go to the underwater cave but I saw you guys instead so I thought why not visit my boyfriend!" I smiled I wrapped me arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Max dived in splashing us making us break part. 

"Hey Staz!" Siva chirped resurfacing I looked at him. 

"Hey Max!" I cheered the other boys started to jump in. I said hi to 'em. 

"I think we should get going are you coming Stazia?" Max asked 

"No I gotta meet a dolphin in a second ill see you guys at home cool!" I smiled they nodded and I went under water and into the cave. It was really pretty and during full moons it sparkle and it looked so beautiful. There was a bench made from a rock that sat in the pool. If you were to get out of the water through the cave it would lead you to the forest. I usually took that route like yesterday. I waited for the dolphin to meet me his name was majestic. I could speak to sea creatures. They usually tell me silly jokes or where there's a boat. That's what I was doing waiting for majestic to tell me where the boats are. I wait til dark before I bother the fisherman. Majestic showed up "finally your here!" I complained splashing him with my fin. 

"Yeah there's a boat filled with vampires not to far from here they chased me here then when I lost them I came they're the reason I'm late." He said I laughed at him. 

"Any humans?" I asked he nodded. 

"By the inchcape rock" he said 

"Cool I'm going to go see you later majestic!" I waved as I swam away and to the inch cape rock by the time I got there it was dark and the boat wasn't that far away. I swam up to the boat it was parked. There was a man and a woman there I take they were on a date. I swam around splashing my tail making sure I'm noticed when I here the woman shout whoa I decide to swim under the boat and wait on the other side. The couple is looking for me over the edge I lean against the boat. I see the lady turn around. 

"Look babe!" The lady shouts looking at me I smile and wave to her her friend then turns around and looks at me they come closer to me calmly. 

"Are you a... Mermaid" the man says a little scared I smile 

"Yes are you a human?" I say in the sweetest voice I have. The man nods grabbing his lady friends hand. "Are you one of those humans whose going to try to capture me and use me for science or who eats my friends?" I ask in an innocent voice

"No" they say in sync I look over to their plate and they're eating shrimp I look back at them. 

"Is that shrimp?" I asked raising an eyebrow. The man looks back at the plate and nods his head yes. I called the other mermaids  its a special movement I do with my tail that sends a wave threw the ocean and calls a mermaid I waited a few seconds until the full bloods came. The full bloods are mermaids who can't walk on land I can only becuase I have half werewolf genes in me but I don't get all Harry and turned into an over sized dog. I'm the only half blood the rest are full bloods. The others started to surround the boat we started to sing that song the guy came over to me I grabbed both sides of his face he leaned in to kiss me of purse I leaned back taking himunderneath the sea his whole body is eventually under and he seems really happy I saw his lady friend fall in trying to rescue himi looked away I swam off as fast as I could leavi g the couple to drowned in the ocean. The full bloods always ate the humans I find it quite sickening. 

I swam to the boat with the vampires in it I leaned up against the boat there was five guys they turned around and I had realized I was standing infront of Zayn Louis Harry Liam and Niall aka one direction. They look at me and smile I smile back I realize we were close to shore but I didn't mind

"Long time no see!" Louis jokes.

"Yes uhm the clownfish are complaining your making to much noise. They have eggs you know?" I said trying g to get them to be more quiet or at least move or something. I watched as Harry jumped in the water when he came up dead clown fish were floating around me. I wanted to cry but I'm a mermaid if someone gets my tears they can kill me. I looked at him he was smirking "You know your going to pay for that its not nice to harm sea creatures and the full bloods will get you I hope you realized what you've done!" I said I was about to swim away when someone grabbed my tail I looked back it was Niall. 

"Why would you leave so soon? I didn't get to say good bye before you ran off this morning" he said they pulled me on the boat. 

"We didn't do any thing last night did we? If we did I'm sorry it was the moon I didn't mean it any of it!" I said I was sitting on there boat in the floor it was really hurting my fin. 

"Yeah we did a lot actually when you have legs your really good in bed!" Niall smiled I started to blush I steamed my tail dry and I got my legs I stood up. 

"I have a boyfriend and I'm sorry I mistakes his accent for yours I swear!" I said I got this massive head ache I fell to the floor griping my head. It was a message from Nathon we can talk telepathically I never understood why but whenever he tries to talk to me I have to be a mermaid to get it. I looked up they were looking at me I stood up and jumped off the boat and into the water my head ache went away. 

"I saw everything between you and the vampires and heard about your full moon incident get home now and Siva's been cheating on you I'm sorry just get home now!" Nathan said I swam past their boat and onto the shore. I was staying quiet I didn't want them to come after me. I dried my tail and ran home. 

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