The Vampire and the mermaid

Vampires Niall horan Zayn Mailik Louis Tommlinson Liam Payne and Harry styles meet a mermaid walking in the woods. The mermaid's name is Anastazia but everyone calls her Staz or Stazia. She is related to Nathon Sykes from the wanted they're all wolves. That's the reason one direction and the wanted fight so much it's the whole Vampire werewolf thing. Stazia doesn't like it when people fight she hates it to be honest. Read to find out what happens


11. 11

I walked I side the front door. Nobody was home they had to be somewhere I think they said it was rehearsals. I walked further into the house but got pinned to the wall. It was Niall. "What the hell are you doing here!" I yelled 

"Trying to talk to you I love you Stazia!" He whined 

"You can talk but I don't think I'll listen!" I said I pushed him off of me and went to the kitchen I made a sandwich and ate it. I walked to the living room and sat on the sofa. Niall sat next to me and pulled me on his lap. "Ni-" he cut me off

"Please listen I'm sorry stazia I stood up for Ashley cuz we have a history and-"

"And you can't trust your baby mamma fuck off Niall!" I said I got off of him and walked out the door I slammed the door behind me. I ran as fast as I can to the lake. Niall was right behind me but somehow I got away from him. I swam away from him I got out of the lake I was on the other side I sat on the shore and dried my tail. I stood up and saw hunter he was watching me crap he must know. "Uhm hi Hunter is it?" I smiled

"your a fish!" He screamed I put my hand over his mouth. 

"Shh... Let me explain please!" I said 

"Explain what the fact that your a fish how-" I cut him off

"My heart is pierced by Cupid I disdain all glittering gold there is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold" I sang he started to follow me everywhere. I walked him to his house there was a bunch of men there I went up to the one who wasn't drunk. "Excuse me uhm I'm staz. I found him drunk on the otherwise of the lake he said he lives here does he belong to you guys?" I smiled. 

"Ugh yes Thank you a lot!" The man smiled 

"Staz don't leave me here I love you!" Hunter said hugging me. 

"He's been saying that since I found him." I laughed "is he okay?" 

"Yeah I think so he's probably drunk I'm going to put him in his room you could stay if you want!" He smiled taking Hunter to a room. I walked out the door and got tackled yet again by Niall. He accidentally punched me in my stomach while we went down. 

"What the hell Niall leave me alone please!" I yelled. I pushed him off of me 

"No Anastazia I love you please don't do this to me!" He said his eyes were red and puffy I think he had been crying. 

"My heart is pierced by Cupid I disdain all glittering gold there is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold." I sang he calmed down and tried to kiss me. "Hey Niall wanna go somewhere?" I said 

"Yeah come on! Anywhere for you!" He said we stood up and I grabbed his hand I pulled him all the way to his house I knocked on the door. "Hey stazia why are we here?" Niall smiled pecking my lips. Liam opened the door. "Hey Liam I'm going somewhere with Stazia!" He smiled he looked at me. 

"What did you do to him why is he like that?" Liam scolded 

"I sang to him he won't leave me alone and keeps tackling me and he accidentally hit me in my stomach and I'm scared he hit me really hard!" I said. 

"Come in I'll call Zayn but how long will he be sired to you?" 

"I'm not sired to her I truly love her Liam she is my everything right now more than Ashley!" 

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