Counting the days

This story is about this women who wakes up in the woods and dose not remember a thing. She has to go through a bunch of trials to find her kids and her husband, little dose she know, she will be the one that needs saving.

I know this type and story line comes in all the time but, it is a good story line. I am not completely finished yet but I will be soon. If you have any opinions please Tell me.


1. Day One: When it started

            There should be many questions going through my mind when I woke up in the woods. For instance, how did I get here? Why am I here? Where is my family? But the only thing on my mine now is I’m lost. Why is that the only thing on my mind? Wait… I don’t remember anything about anyone or anything. Well, all I can do now is fine out where I am. I look over and I see that my backpack is next to me. 

... ... ...

            Inside my backpack there is my Diary, a few pens, three water bottles, a few protein bars, matches and a pocket knife. There are also few pieces of cloth in the bag too. I think to myself “Why would I need these?”

… … …

            As I walk through the forest I start to wonder where everyone is that I know, well used to know. I sit down and rummage through my bag and take out my Diary. I start to read the beginning.

… … …

            Dear Diary,

This is the first time I have written in this since Howlett gave it to me as a present. Howlett is my first born son. I have a child on the way. I am not sure if it’s a boy or girl. Either way I will be happy. Well Its time to go. Sorry this is a small writing but my husband has been calling me and I really need to go. Well I will talk about my family more later. Thanks Diary for starting to listen and being there for me.

Love, Storm.

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