Counting the days

This story is about this women who wakes up in the woods and dose not remember a thing. She has to go through a bunch of trials to find her kids and her husband, little dose she know, she will be the one that needs saving.

I know this type and story line comes in all the time but, it is a good story line. I am not completely finished yet but I will be soon. If you have any opinions please Tell me.


2. Day Five: The Horror to Come

Waking up this morning was different than most. Maybe because something was going to happen or maybe I finally find my way out of this retched place. The only thing that has been in my mind since the first day is I’m lost. The past 5 days all I could think about is being lost in the woods, and it’s not the best place to be when you’re a single mother with another one on the way. Being only 22 makes it worse. If only there was some way I could see my babies again. Just thinking about them makes me think about my husband. Now that I think of it I don’t remember his name. Well I knew I was not going to remember some things, but not all. The only thing I do remember about him is the three phrases he always told me, “Live”, “Stay inspired”, and “Be strong”.

            “How am I strong and inspired?” I used to ask him but all he said was, “I love you that are all that matters”. His face keeps coming to my mind but I can’t think of his name. I have this strange feeling come over me that something was coming towards me. I look over to my right, nothing. My left was a different story, I see my son, my 13 year old, in the distance past a few trees.

            “Howlett” I scream, “HOWLETT.” He doesn’t even move a single inch. I gather all of my supplies and sprint to where he is sitting, screaming his name all the way there. After what seems like forever I get over to him. I drop my stuff and tried to touch him, but my hands just went right through him.

            “OH MY GOD, HOWLETT” I scream a blood curtaining scream.


… … …

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