Counting the days

This story is about this women who wakes up in the woods and dose not remember a thing. She has to go through a bunch of trials to find her kids and her husband, little dose she know, she will be the one that needs saving.

I know this type and story line comes in all the time but, it is a good story line. I am not completely finished yet but I will be soon. If you have any opinions please Tell me.


3. 20 Days Before

“Hey Gabby I’m home” Kevin yells through the house.

“In the kitchen”, I yell back. He comes up behind me and kisses my cheek. “Well hello baby”, I smile as he moves down my neck. He keeps moving down to my shoulders then he stops and puts me in front of him. His scruffy beard touches my smooth cheek and it feels like bunch of strawberries. He is just a few inches taller than me but it seems like he’s as tall as sky scrapers some time. Today he chose to wear a red and black flannel t-shirt and jeans, his normal, and he still looks like the man I fell in love with when we first met, I remember it like it was yesterday.

… … …

It was a quiet day in the bar I worked in and he came in wearing a wife-beater and jean shorts. He just looked so cute and sexy that I fell in love with him from the first second I saw him. He came up and asked for a beer and it all started then.

“Hey waitress, could I have a beer.”



“Hey Gabby, what are you making for dinner”, He asked. I looked over him again and I saw he looked a little bit thinner than before.

“I’m making some chicken on rice”, I said looking back to counting to cook. I am all ways the one who cooks in my house, but I like it. 

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