Only for a week

Angela Henderson is entering college, hoping to become a nurse. But what happens when her college dream is ruined? She finds herself caught up in a contest where she must spend a week with Louis then with Harry to earn money, but what happens when Zayn comes along and she truly finds love? Will Harry and Louis become jealous?


1. First date

"Mom ill be fine," i said as i rushed out the door. My boyfriend, Harry, grabbed my hand and pulled me through the front door. I laughed as we sat into the car and he sped out of the driveway, nearly knocking into a car right behind us.

"Are you sure you passed your driving test?" I asked jokingly as we sped around the corner. We had only been going out for a week, but Harry meant the world to me. He smiled and stopped the car at a traffic light. I stared put my window at the low setting clouds. They were beautiful.

Harry pulled us into a small parking lot. The smell of burgers wafted into my nose. "Yum," I whispered, hugging Harrys arm. He led me into the small restaurant. I smiled to myself. Only Harry would bring me to a burger place on our first date.
The waiter sat us at a table by ourselves int the corner of the room. Harry smiled from across the table and stared at his menu. I did the same, but i kept glancing up at him from over the top of the menu. Harry caught me once, peeking up with his beautiful smile. I  blushed roughly.

"What can i get you?" A blonde haired waiter looked at us with a cheesy smile. Harry ordered us each an appetizer salad, and we ended up getting two cheeseburgers. We payed the bill and headed back to Harrys house to relax.
My stomach convulsed with a horrible cramp on the way home. I bet forward with a small moan. Harry looked at me in confusion. "Angela, are you okay?" 
"I think," i replied, my stomach rippling with another bad cramp. I put my fist onto the drivers platform as another cramp coursed through me. Harry parked in his driveway and carried me into his house, worry on his face.

Harry placed me on the couch and got me a cup of water from the kitchen. I drank it eagerly then lied back on the couch, my stomach still convulsing. My head was pounding. Harry sat next to me, holding my hand. "Do you need me to call your mom?" Harrys parents had gone to Nevada to visit his uncle for the weekend. I shook my head and leaned myself against Harry. Harry pulled me onto his lap and massaged the side of my head softly.

I woke up the next morning on Harrys couch. My mom was standing over me as Harry explained what had happened. My dad stood next to her, his face furious. "I cant believe you just left her all night!" he yelled. Harry tried to tell him how he didnt want to make it worse for me, but my dad wouldnt let him. "Stay away from my daughter," he yelled, carting me out the door. My heart split in half, another cramp passing through me.

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