Match Me

When Kylie breaks up with her best friend Harry, they still wanted to be best friends and decided to meet new people on an online dating site. What happens when they both make anonymous accounts on the same sites but do not tell each other their screen names?


4. Walk In

Kylie's P.O.V.
I stood in Harry's arms, so close I could hear the steady pace of his breath. He moved even closer, our lips inches away. It felt like we fell in love all over again. I glared into his eyes and before in knew it, our lips met. We kissed in perfect harmony for what felt like a million years but was only about 10 seconds.

Sooner or later I realized what we were doing and what had happened a little while ago. I pulled away and looked at him embarrassed.
"I'm. . . I'm. . . I'm sorry I. . . No" I stuttered and quickly jumped out of the pool and began for my house.
"Wait Kylie! I'm sorry I'm just. . . not over you. Can we just try again? Please" He apologized. I paused for a second and turned around. I wanted to just run over there and kiss him so badly. But everyone deserves a second chance. Right? 
"Um. . ." I looked into his eyes filled with hope and I knew I couldn't say no. "Just let me get changed" I said looking down at my soaking wet clothes. 

I changed into my my American flag bikini and my white, transparent button down blouse, and my jeans shorts (she looked like this: Click here! ). 

When I came back outside Harry was still in the pool just floating around. 
"Hey can we just start over, again" he asked.
"Let's just forget about that" I decided.

Harry's P.O.V.
I didn't want to forget, I wanted to remember every little second of it. 
"Sure" I lied.
"So what do you want to do?" She asked. 
"Do you want to swim with me?" I asked her. 
"Ok" she said and took off her shirt revealing her American flag bathing suit. I couldn't help but stare. 

*Splash* Kylie had done a cannon ball in the pool splashing water all in my face. 
"Hey!" I called. "You splashed me!"
"What? What did I do?" She asked innocently and playfully. From that point on we just kept talking. We got to a rather deep and delicate conversation.
"You are always going to be safe as long as I am around" I comforted.
"Thank you Harry. You've always been such a great best friend" 
I held her in my arms once again. Before I could think or she could react, she smashed her lips onto mine. Our lips moved gently and were perfectly fit for each other. We must have gone on for minutes.

Kylie's P.O.V.
I know, I kissed him. . . But he was comforting me and I couldn't hold back any longer. Kylie what are you doing? My conscious fought. You broke up with him for a reason. My mind snapped back to reality.
"Oy! I thought you broke up!" Liam yelled at us as he walked towards us followed by the rest of the gang.
"Get a room!" Zayn shouted.
"We did break up" I mentioned.
"Then what was all that about then?"
"Umm... Er... Just..." I stuttered unaware of what to say.


Authors Note:
Hey guys sorry for the kind of stupid chapter. I'm getting there maybe next chapter I will really get into the plot.


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