Match Me

When Kylie breaks up with her best friend Harry, they still wanted to be best friends and decided to meet new people on an online dating site. What happens when they both make anonymous accounts on the same sites but do not tell each other their screen names?


1. The Break Up

Kylie's P.O.V.
I sat up on my weak, worn out bed, my hair sprawled out every which way. I glanced down at my slightly tear stained pillow.  Harry and I broke up last night. 

Where do I even begin with Harry? His emerald green eyes his perfectly curled hair, he is flawless. Absolutely flawless. 

I remember when I first saw him... He was in the corner of the jungle gym, with his school blazer and khakis on. We were five years old, waiting to begin our first day of kindergarten. His expression looked scared and lonely, mine was the same way. And I guess the teacher realized it too, because she introduced us to each other.

And I'm grateful everyday for that one moment in time that changed my whole life, forever...

From that moment on we were inseparable, we did every little thing together. Not even college, fame, or the course of school could break us apart. We grew up together as neighbors in Holmes Chapel. When either of us had a nightmare or got grounded we would climb across long familiar the tree branch connecting our terraces and held each other tight.

Now I lay here wishing Harry would swoop through my window and be my shoulder to cry on, but I knew he wasn't coming. We didn't break up for any particular reason, we were to close and alike and we didn't want some tragic break up to ruin our years worth of friendship. You know the classic break up. So I ended it. 

I opened the door to the terrace only to see closed blinds and a locked window. Harry shut out the light, shutting me out with it.

Harry's P.O.V.
I woke up early this morning, last night was rough for me. Kylie and I were having just another date. She looked incredible in her pink dress, it really brought out her crystal blue eyes. We had been dating for about two months. I planned on telling her I loved her that night but she had something else to say. I was crushed, absolutely crushed. I had no idea how I was going to get over her. She was my one and only, my happy ending. Louis had already found his and started a family with his beautiful wife, Jo. And I envy that of him everyday. But there's nothing I can do about it. 

I walked out onto the terrace and stared at my now ex. one and only. She looked so peaceful when she slept, on most uncomfortable bed in the world. Some nights she would get so uncomfortable that she would crawl into my bed in the middle of the night, as friends of course.

I just stared at her sleeping now until she shifted and sat up. I leaped  inside and pretended to sleep and closed my blinds. 

Authors note:
Hi readers! Thanks for reading this new movella! It kind of connects with my other movella, it's called, The Manager. And I would love it if you would read it first because I don't want to spoil anything! I know this chapter kind of sucks, so no hate please! I promise the next chapter will be loads better!


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