Match Me

When Kylie breaks up with her best friend Harry, they still wanted to be best friends and decided to meet new people on an online dating site. What happens when they both make anonymous accounts on the same sites but do not tell each other their screen names?


5. Googly Eyes

                                                               *3 Weeks Later*
Kylie's P.O.V.
Harry and my statues is well... complicated. We really haven't been able to move on but we have been hanging out a lot, I think we're past the whole 'walk in' thing but I'm not so sure... 
"Kylie! Kylie! You there?" Harry asked as I snapped back into reality.
"Earth to Kylie!" 
"I'm sorry. What? I just zoned out" I stuttered. The soft swishing sound of the pool echoed in my head as I sat on the beach chairs beside Harry. 
"So as I was saying-" Harry went on.
"Harry," I interjected. "Have you moved on yet?" I asked, I really wasn't sure of what I wanted his answer to be, I didn't want to be that jealous ex from the movies. 
"Um... Er... Well... Not exactly" he said. "What about you?" 
"Same. Everyone our age has finished college and came back for about a week and just left. Holmes Chapel isn't the best place for single 20 year olds" I proclaimed.
"Tell me about it!" From there our conversation carried out.

Harry's P.O.V.
Kylie and I talked for a while I zoned out for a bit, I couldn't help but stare. When she asked about me moving on I couldn't tell if she wanted me to or not. But honestly I didn't want to, I missed her, a lot. 

Liam's P.O.V.
The boys and I went out this morning for brunch, we didn't bother waking up Harry. He really needs his 'beauty sleep'.

As we were in the car ride back to Harry's, we blasted the radio and sang along to live while we're young. 

When we got back we walked through the gate leading to the back pool area, only to see Harry and Kylie.
"Harry, Kylie! Funny seeing you here! Not! Don't you ever hang out at your own house?" I said jokingly.
"Hey there to you too Liam! And FYI I am not always here!" She joked. 
"Harry!" Niall greeted, mouth full of a sandwich and gave Harry a high five. 
"Sup bro?" Harry replied.
"So I see you guys haven't moved on yet" I pointed out sitting down on one of the chairs.
"What makes you say that?" Harry questioned.
"We'll your both still here. Don't you think you would be hanging out with your new boyfriend or girlfriend?" I pointed out. Damn I make a good point. "And besides clearly Harry hasn't look at those googly eyes and that splotch of drool on his cheek" Harry quickly rubbed his sleeve against his face. Kylie's cute cheeks turned a bright pink and she looked away to avoid anymore awkwardness.  
"Shut up Liam" Harry said coldly.
"We'll lucky for you guys I have a plan for you two to move on"

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