Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


7. The kiss

" B-but Niall.." I gasped for air as he kissed me passionately behind the back seat of his car.

" Shh. " He whispered in my ear.

 He kissed my neck, slowly nibbling my ear lobe. I played with his hair.

" Niall.. We can't do this." I jumped back. I caught him by surprise.

" Why?-"

" Why? I'm pregnant. Of H-Justin.." I gulped down. " Can you just.. Take me home.. And we're never to speak of this." I got off the car and went into the passengers seat.


I grabbed the door knob of the house and walked in. What the-?!

" No, officer. You see, this is MEDICAL, weed." Louis laughed at the cop.

" Wheres the papers?" He asked sternly.

" No, nevermind." Louis laughed again. " We bought it in the U.S.A. In Washington. It's legal to buy weed if you're older than 18." Louis grinned at the cop.

The cop sighed, shook his head, and walked out.

" What was that?!" I yelled at them.

" Princess, shh.. I got it handled." A rather high Zayn laughed at me. I rolled my eyes and looked at Liam.

He was high.

" What?! Liam?!" I yelled.

" Oh my god! Do you always yell?! Keep it down!" He yelled back. I gasped.

" Look, if you're not ok with this- Leave." Harry mumbled at me.

 I snatched Niall's hand and ran out.

" Take me home. Now."


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