Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


5. Sleep over

Kenzie's having a sleep over.

 That means : up all night, guys, beer, craziness..

Kenzie is like one of those really funny friends that every one seems to want..

** Kenzie's POV **

 " Its going to be so CRA CRA!!" I yelled in Claire's ear.

" How are we friends?" Claire asked annoyed. I knew she was playing around.

" Hey Boooo!" I yelled at Audrey. She was also one of our close friends.

" Twinsies!" She yelled back. She's the cute blonde that's actually really smart. She's like my twin, that's why we call eachother Twinsies. But she has blue green eyes instead of bright blue. But we both have curly brown hair!

" Are you coming to my party Boo?" I asked her. We call her Boo.

" Duh!" She laughed. I'm so happy we can be each other around each other.

" Okay well, gotta run!" Boo yelled running out of Claire's office/Make up room.

" Yeah, I need to go too, but I'll see you at my party!" I smiled and walked out.

 I kept walking down the hall to my office.

" Where are you going, looking all sexy?" Someone grabbed from behind me.

" Zayn.." i giggled.

" Heard about your party.." he mumbled. He smelt like new smoked cigarettes.

" Yeah.." i mumbled, getting away from the nasty smell.

" Am i invited?" He asked.

" Sure.." i said and smirked.

" See you there then.." he smacked my butt and ran off.

** 5 Hours Later **

 its finally 9 o'clock. The people should get here. Audrey, and Claire were already here.

* ding* dong*

" I'LL GET IT!" Boo yelled.

 A little while later, we saw 5 wild guys running in. oh boy.

** Claire's POV **

" Hey Claire.." someone whispered behind me.

" yeah??" i turned around.

 It was Louis. he had a big bag in his hand.

" Do you do drugs?"

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