Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


4. Old Feelings...?

 I began to apply the blush on Harry's cheek bones when a shiver went down my spine.

 His neck.

 Those pink plump lips.

His brown locks.

His deep voice.

 His large hands.

 I exhaled very loudly as i tried to change my thoughts.

The way he touched me.

 The way he hugged me.

 His kisses.

his love.

Please feelings??


It's probably a yes..

" Okay, you're done.." I mumbled, quickly shutting the container or blush.

" Thank you.. Claire.." He smiled and walked away. Claire. I love how he says that. The way it rolled off his tongue.

" Your welcome.. Harold.." I mumbled.

 I packed up everything into my make up kit.

" Can I talk to you?" Someone wrapped their arms around me.

" Um.. I guess.." I said as i leaned up against the tile counter.

" Why did Rachel just go away? Why didn't she call me?" Harry asked whilst rubbing his eyes.

" I don't know.." It was true. I honestly don't know.

" I mean, I would have excepted the baby.." He mumbled. I feel so stupid now.

" I have no idea. Now go Styles." I giggled.

" You're very cute. You're nice too. Justin is very lucky.." He smiled, but a pine smile, and walked away.



Old feelings..

" What was that?!" My best friend, Kenzie, laughed.

" What?". I asked with a smirk.

" You're very cute!" She tried to mimic Harry's voice.

" Oh shut up!" I laughed.

" So, when are we going to hang with Justin?" Kenzie said after her long laugh.

" I have no idea." I said annoyed.

" Geez don't gotta be like that!" Kenzie laughed. She's a very, weird but funny, person.

" Yeah i do!" I laughed.

" I forgot my jacket in here.." Zayn said walking in.

 I could see how he stared at her butt as he bent over to pick up his peice of clothing.

" Dang.." He bit his lip as he walked out the room.

" He has his eyes on you!" I laughed at the blushing Kenzie.

" Oh shut up!" She playfully shoved me into the closer and stomped out of the room.

" We're all alone now.." Harry said popping up.

" Dude, you're FUCKING creepy!" My smile went to a frown.

" Im just playing.." He laughed and walked away. He's so cute.

His eyes. I get lost in them so much!




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