Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


3. Justin

" Should I tell him?" i asked Justin whilst I ate my ice cream.

" No.. I think you should move in, you know, find someone that actually loves you.." He smiled and got closer to me.

" Justin. I-"

" Its okay.. I meant someone other than me. I know you don't like me like that." He smiled. I nodded.

" I think I should just tell him." I sighed.

" I-"

" Hey Claire!" Niall walked in my office/Makeup room.

" Hey.." I smiled.

" Oh my god! Justin!" Niall screamed.

" You and Claire?" He winked.

" Ugh.." I mumbled.

" Oh! I see! Is that why she has a, you know, bump?" Niall winked.

" No-"

"Okay.. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!" Niall nodded and smiled ear to ear.

" Hey!" Liam walked in.

" Cliare is having a baby and it's Justin's.." Niall blurted out. I almost choked in my saliva.

" But you can't tell anyone.." Niall grinned. I. Hate. This. Child.

" Thats great! What is it?" Liam asked.

" A girl.." I smiled.

" Thats nice.." Liam nodded.

" Okay boys. Another photoshoot I see.." I got up and began to get my make up kit out.

" I'll go get the other boys." Liam smiled.


" You could have said no.." Justin smiled once i asked him what the hell happened back in the studio.

" Yeah but.." I also did have the fault.

" See.." He smiled.

" I'll pick you up in he morning." He grinned as i walked inside my house.

" So I heard it's a girl." Someone said. I almost had a heart attack until I found out who it was.

" What are you doing here Harry?!" i yelled at him.

" Tell me more about Rachel." He demanded.

" You left her broken, with a baby, she cried and cried, until she just gave up and died." i smiled and rolled my eyes.

" What?! No, tell me.." He asked with worried eyes. He really did want to know.

" She was all happy until she found out she was pregnant. She knew you would never believe her. So she just lived on. She died just a month ago. A speeding car hit her and she died. Whilst pregnant." I tried to fake cry but i only managed a couple tears.

" Did she leave a note for me? Anything?" He asked.

" No.. Now go.." I smiled and pushed him away.

 I reached for the door knob and opened the door.

" Go." I said to Harry.

" Okay. Bye. Hope it all works out with your baby and Justin." He smiled sheepishly and walked away.

 Shame. On. Me.

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