Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


2. Gaze

I gazed up at the mirror. This baby has made a small bump on my stomach ever since those 4 months.

 I rubbed circles over my belly button and giggled.

  Should I tell him? I don't even have his number.. It was a one night stand- a mistake.

 This baby girl isn't and wasn't supposed to be born. But I'm having her, and I'm going to raise her. I'm going to be a mother and a father.

 My phone began to ring and ran to it.

" Hello?" I answered.

" Claire? I need you to come down to the studio. We have to have some more pictures taken!" Bethany yelled in the phone. She was my boss and i needed to follow her rules. She's very strict.

 I picked up my curly black hair with my hair tie and grabbed my purse.

 The London air was very chilly so i clutched my baby blue jumper that matched my eye colour.

** Skip Car Ride **

 I entered the giant fancy building.

" Here's your camera. Now get snapping!" Bethany yelled. I frowned and dropped my purse on the small couch near by. I worked as a photographer and i get the celebrities ready for a photoshot.

" You'll have to put make up on them and take the pictures." Bethany's thick British accent entered my ears.

" Okay.." i mumbled. I didn't have an accent. I just had a white chick one. Even though i wasn't white. 

  I had a naturally light tan (like the title picture). I am French, Italian, and a slight Mexican so i got the tanish skin.

" Hurry up!" Bethany yelled.

 I grabbed all my make up kit and ran down the halls to my office/make up room.

" Hey boys!" I yelled as entered the room.

 Bethany told me they were the boys from One Direction.

" Hello!" They all said at the same time.

" A bit chilly this morning!" I smiled.

 They all smiled back.

" Okay, who's first?" I asked.

" I will.." A tan boy said. His skin was about my skin colour.

" Im Zayn by the way.." He smiled and we shook hands.


" Okay, you're the last one.. " i pointed at the curly haired boy after every one left.

" Have I told you that you look very familiar?" He asked me.

" No.." i smiled. It's him. It just has to be him.

" I'm Harry, Harry Styles.." He smiled.. 

 It's him. He has the same dimples. The eyes. The hair. Everything.

" oh, the player?" I smirked.

" Ugh? I guess..?" He looked hurt.

" Yeah, remember Rachel?" i asked. He began to think.

" The girl that you had a one night stand with 4 months ago?!" I asked madly.

" Oh! Her!" He asked as if though she was just some dog.

" What about her?" He asked.

" Im here friend.. And did you know, that you got her pregnant and then she died!" He didn't look taken back.

" Cool.." He grunted. I just wanted to slap him so hard!

 I began to do his make up.


 I got home from work. I hate my job. Yeah, I did meet Justin Bieber and became very close friends with him, and I also met a whole bunch of famous people.. But today, I met the love if my life, and my worst enemy..

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