Lucky in Paris

It was two summers after we had graduated high school. My best friends and I traveled to Paris to shop and eat and make memories, but what happened in Paris changed the rest of our lives. From strangers to lovers to spouses, my journey after Paris was changed by bumping into the most handsome man in the world.

after re-reading this.. it really sucks, so im finished with it... lol.


2. -Chapter Two-

Around seven or so, Morgan woke up from her nap, declared how hungry she was and went down to the lobby to find something to eat. Michele was drying her hair in one bathroom, and Taylor Ann was showering in the other. Abby and I, always being the first people ready to go, sat on the couch watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory dubbed in French.


When Morgan came back up, she was breathing very heavy. It wasn't really normal for her, since she avoided exercise at all costs. She started screaming and was so excited because she had just seen some world pop star or something. None of us paid much attention to her rant. She got annoyed after a while and went to get ready to hit the clubs.


Finally around 8:30 we were ready. We had to stop and take a photo of course to commemorate the moment. As I look back on the photo, I realize how impractical we all were wearing five inch heels and what we now call butt dresses. We took the elevator down the 7 stories, and began talking about a plan for tonight.


"I just wanna get laid." Abby announced. The elevator man blushed as he looked to his feet.


"Abby!!! We came to Paris to have fun together, not to hang out with people we don't know," Michele and Taylor Ann stated literally in unison.


"Whatever, the rest of you were thinking it too, I just have no filter so yeah, I speak my mind. Morgan wants some and I bet even Nicole does."


We got to the lobby and it was packed, full of girls screaming and chanting unrecognizable words. I could barely hear myself think. Walking out of the hotel was difficult with so many pointy elbows stabbing us in the ribs. We walked around the corner and down the street for a while until we came up to the club, Le Gibus. The music was so loud, it was fantastic, just what we all needed. We skipped the line, apparently someone inside wanted us. As soon as we walked inside, we were blinded by the flashing blue lights and we all looked at each other, you could tell we were all thinking "this is incredible".  We walked together to the bar and ordered a round of tequila shots.


"Wait, is it lemon, salt, tequila?" Michele yelled over the pounding music.


"No! It's salt, tequila, lemon!" Abby yelled back. She claimed to be a pro.


"Three. Two. One!" We all yelled and took the shots. Micheles face was priceless after it. Taylor Ann barely gaged it down.  After this, we all kind of split up. Abby and I went to the dance floor looking for hot guys to grind with, Michele and Taylor Ann sat on a couch and chatted up some nice looking guys, and no one knows where Morgan went.


Abby and I were dancing our hearts out, singing along to the music and having a blast. We were facing each other so we were giving thumbs up on the guys we were dancing with. After an hour or two we needed a break, so we walked over to the bar and sat next to these two very attractive guys, one had longer brown hair, it was kind of curly. I seemed to recognize it from somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I sat down next to him and ordered a red bull with vodka. He looked over at me, I could feel his eyes burning into my body. I spun slowly around and faced him as I took a sip of my drink.


"Hey," he said in a low voice.


"Hey. Don't I know you from somewhere?" I returned.


"I don't know, maybe. What's your name?"


"Nicole. Yours?"




"Harry, no I don't know a Harry. But I have always loved that name."


"Really? How strange. Do you want to dance?"


"Only if your friend dances with mine." I looked over my shoulder at Abby who was sipping on her mojito.


"Deal." We all headed over to the dance floor and started dancing. After a while, Harry turned me around so we were face to face. "So, where did you learn to dance like this miss Nicole?"




"Ahh those American girls sure do know how to dance, among other things." He suggested rather strongly. "Do you want to get out of here?" Something in his eye made me trust him, I nodded and winked at Abby who understood right away. I wouldn't be going back to the hotel tonight. 'Be safe' she mouthed to me before I turned around and followed Harry out of the club.

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