Lucky in Paris

It was two summers after we had graduated high school. My best friends and I traveled to Paris to shop and eat and make memories, but what happened in Paris changed the rest of our lives. From strangers to lovers to spouses, my journey after Paris was changed by bumping into the most handsome man in the world.

after re-reading this.. it really sucks, so im finished with it... lol.


3. -Chapter Three-

Harry walked me to the nearest metro station and we went down the stairs before he pushed me against the wall and kissed me deeply. I could feel everything he wanted me too. He was so passionate, and a little drunk I supposed. I tangled my hands into his curls, and kissed him passionately back. Some random French woman scoffed as she walked by, I was just glad I didn't understand what she was mumbling. I moved one hand to Harry's chest and pushed him away slightly as I whispered "Let's go" he moved his lips to my neck and then to my chin, then he pulled away and said "Let's."


We got onto the metro and he got two seats next to each other. "So, what are you doing here, in Paris?" I asked him.


"Oh, uh, just visiting I guess."


"Well that was convincing." I raised an eyebrow.


He laughed softly and looked down at his shoes, then into my eyes and said, "You caught me!" He said, putting his hands up. "I'm here with some friends for the week, we have a couple gigs."


"Ahhh, so you're a musician?"


"Why do you ask so many questions?" He laughed at me. "This is our stop. Let's go to my place."


I giggled to hide my awkwardness. I was really shy, and couldn't even believe that I was actually going to some strangers room. "Ok." I smiled. We walked up the stairs, and the street seemed familiar to me, then I realized it was the same street my hotel was on. We walked slowly, my heels were starting to hurt, towards my hotel. "Wait, are you staying here?"


"Yeah, why?"


"I am too." I laughed and looked him in the eyes, they were so beautiful, so deep green and sparkly. His eyes seemed to smile back when I said this.


"Perfect." He said and scooped me up carrying me in through the back of the hotel. "We have to go this way, have you seen all those girls in the front?"


"Yeah. It's crazy, why are they here?" I asked when we were entering the elevator. Harry set me down and I smiled at him.


He laughed at me which made me quite confused. "Well, have you ever heard of the band One Direction?"


My eyes must have been huge and my jaw about hit the floor because Harry burst into laughter. I finally put all the pieces together. "Wait, you're Harry Styles? From One Direction? Since when?" He laughed some more before answering.


"Yes. Most definitely, and since it was created?"


I hit him playfully and said, "Why the hell didn't you tell me?" We made it to his floor and into his room by now.


"Because I wanted you to know me first. You are really beautiful in that dress you know." My dress was really short, deep green, like his eyes, with a sparkly trim on the top.  "Now, let's get you out of it." He smiled with half his mouth. It was so attractive. I looked at him, smiled, and nodded, knowing this wouldn't last forever.

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