Lucky in Paris

It was two summers after we had graduated high school. My best friends and I traveled to Paris to shop and eat and make memories, but what happened in Paris changed the rest of our lives. From strangers to lovers to spouses, my journey after Paris was changed by bumping into the most handsome man in the world.

after re-reading this.. it really sucks, so im finished with it... lol.


1. -Chapter One-

Sometimes I look back on that day and think of how my life would have been different if I hadn’t had such amazing friends and if I hadn’t run into the most handsome man in the world. I smile on, probably looking quite idiotic honestly, but I don’t care, it is a fond memory of the past. I love to tell the story, my story of finding love, a twisting journey that endures hardships and laughter and that is full of memories, beautiful and ugly.


It was the Fourth of July, American Independence Day, and my four best friends and I were vacationing in Paris. We were seeing the sights and taking millions of photos, eating entirely too much food, and of course shopping to our hearts content. We found a small café on a quiet side street near the Eiffel Tower, sitting talking and enjoying a cup of fresh tea and delicious French pastries that melted in our mouths. People watching was the way that we got to know the people of Paris. Although on a quiet street, there were many people passing along the winding streets around us. It was peaceful, and just what we all needed after a long day of shopping. As we finished our conversation and the tea was gone, we attempted to pack up all of our shopping bags, I believe we had close to 40 between the five of us. 


We walked down the street, more of a mosey to be honest, struggling with our bags of new shirts and new skirts. Taylor Ann had bought the most beautiful lime green sun dress, I will never forget it. It was perfect for her. Morgan had bought a red leather jacket and a beautiful pair of black skinny jeans with little rhinestones along the pockets. Abby had bought at least four purses, and the most adorable watch with the Eiffel Tower glitter painted to the back. Michele found the perfect thing for her, a black cashmere sweater with a deep V neck and little pockets in the front. Me? well, I bought this swimsuit with a zipper in the front, it was a dark brown color, really beautiful, and i also found a black maxi-dress with the most gorgeous purple flower pattern. I love that dress, to this day i still have it hanging in my closet. 


As we talked on and on about how lucky we were and how incredible the vacation was, we somehow got lost in the streets of Paris with our 40 shopping bags. The bags were beginning to take their tole on our arms, so we all decided to split the bill for a taxi so that we could just be taken straight to the hotel. We flagged one down and gave the drive the address to the hotel, Michele got in the front, and the rest of us slid into the backseat. 


"I still can't believe that this is happening," Taylor Ann said, "One week ago I had never been out of the country and now, we are partying in Paris and finding the most incredible clothes!" 


"I know.. it is so different than I remember," I said in response. "Everything has changed so much that it is hard to recognize anything I have seen before, except the Eiffel Tower of course!" 


"Oh sush Nicole, we all know how lucky you are, Miss "I travel the globe and dont bother to take my friends with me", we know that you have been here before and that you probably do remember all of this!" Abby joked.


"Abbbyyyy, you know I love you, and if i could have brought you all, I would have! Morgan, why are you so quiet??"


"Yeah Morgan! You haven't been this quiet since we landed here, is everything ok?" Taylor Ann asked.


"Huh? Oh, sorry, I am just so tired, and I don't feel so well. Do you guys think we will go out tonight?" Morgan responded with a groggy tone. 


We all looked at each other, "Michele what do you think?" I asked Michele. 


"I don't know, you decide."


"Taylor Ann?" 


"Whatever works for me."


"Abby? Please have an opinion."


"Yes ma'am! We should totally go out! Why wouldn't we?? We are in Paris for crying out loud!"


"Ok, I think that I will take a nap and then we can head out about 8?" Morgan said. 


"We have arrived at your hotel, Miss." The taxi driver stated. I leaned forward and paid him as the rest of the girls got out of the car and scrambled to find all of their shopping bags. "Thank you Miss."


"Merci." I responded, knowing that its not really what i meant, but I couldn't remember for the life of me what 'you're welcome' is in French. 


We entered the hotel, and we were greeted by several very kind, very attractive Frenchmen. They took our bags and put them onto a cart and had them sent to our suite while we checked with the Concierge where the nearest and hippest club was. 


"The nearest club that is perfect for you girls is just five blocks away, its actually very close you have probably seen it. It's called Le Gibus."


"Oh yes! I have seen it, thank you so much for your help!" I thanked the man and took the map he drew, even though we didn't really need it. As we got up to our suite we saw the bags of things that had accumulated after a week of being in Paris, and shopping nine hours a day. We had close to 400 bags i would say. We never thought about how we would get it all back home, which was kind of stupid. We all collapsed into our beds and lay there for several minutes, Morgan fell asleep, Taylor Ann and Michele were facebooking with their families while Abby and I searched for the perfect outfits for tonight. 

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