Lucky in Paris

It was two summers after we had graduated high school. My best friends and I traveled to Paris to shop and eat and make memories, but what happened in Paris changed the rest of our lives. From strangers to lovers to spouses, my journey after Paris was changed by bumping into the most handsome man in the world.

after re-reading this.. it really sucks, so im finished with it... lol.


4. -Chapter Four-

I woke up to the sweet smell of nutella banana pancakes, bacon, and eggs. At first I was confused at where I was, but then I remembered I had just had the most amazing night of my life. Harry was able to pleasure me in ways that I had no idea were possible. I walked out of the bedroom, wearing just the sheet and I sat there on the bar stool watching Harry cook breakfast. I don't think he noticed me sitting there until I sneezed. He jerked around and smiled, "Bless you, gorgeous." I giggled and smiled back at him.


"Good morning, Harry." I said in a sweet tone. He looked at me, smiled and walked over behind me. He gave me a big bear hug and lifted me off the stool, spinning in me and him circles. "I think the bacon is burning." I laughed out.


"Good point, I almost forgot. What do you like to eat? I wasn't really sure."


"I actually don't normally eat breakfast, but this all smells so good! Except that bacon, I can't stand the idea of eating baby pigs."  He looked at me with these crazy eyes, like I was insane, the typical look I get.


"I thought you were American." He said astonished.


"I am, but I really hate bacon." His jaw dropped.


"Well, then, more for me I guess!"


I laughed at him, he seemed really happy. It was nice to spend some time with someone new, not really knowing what to expect. "So, what are you doing today Mr. Styles?"


"Hmmm... well, I was thinking I could spend the day with you?"


"Well, that would be lovely, except its my friends 20th birthday today, so we were going to hit the shops and try to find the perfect gift for her."


"Wait, the one I met last night, that was dancing with Niall?" He asked. "There is no way that she is just 19! He was texting me, said she was awesome in the sack."


I was still shocked that I was talking to the Harry Styles, and now Niall and Abby? This was incredible! And reminded us so much of our junior year in high school. "Well, she was pretty serious with a boyfriend back at home. They broke up after he went off to school, he I guess slept around a lot. That's actually why we are here." I said sipping orange juice he had poured for me.


"Oh, that's really too bad. Similar thing happened to Niall earlier this year. I guess she was no good for him. I hope the two of them are very happy together."

"What are you talking about? They are together together?"


"Well, it sure sounded like it. Niall was pretty excited about her." Harry took a big drink of his orange juice.


"Huh, well, I guess that it really sucks that we are leaving in three days then." Harry did the most perfect spit take, and I couldn't help but laugh, I almost fell off the stool.


"You're leaving when?" He asked.


"Sunday." He looked so disappointed. I explained that we all had to go back to university and start our sophomore year.


"Well, then we best make these three days count!" Harry smiled cheekily. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom and looked all around for my dress. It was hilarious watching him look for it. He couldn't find it anywhere. I started giggling, and he stopped and stared at me. "Where is it?" I just lifted my right arm and pointed to the top of the head board. My dress was hung on the corner of the bed. "Oh, right." He smiled at me.

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