Lucky in Paris

It was two summers after we had graduated high school. My best friends and I traveled to Paris to shop and eat and make memories, but what happened in Paris changed the rest of our lives. From strangers to lovers to spouses, my journey after Paris was changed by bumping into the most handsome man in the world.

after re-reading this.. it really sucks, so im finished with it... lol.


5. -Chapter Five-

I left Harrys room, and actually just walked down the hallway. I thought to myself, well that's nice, at least the walk of shame home isn't that bad. I pulled my key card out, but as soon as the little scanner beeped, the door flung open and Taylor Ann was eyeing me. "What?" I said as if I had done nothing.


"Where the hell have you been?!" She sounded like a mother, it was funny since she was a year younger than all of us, yet she was so much more grown up.


"Just down the hallway! I swear, you can ask Harry himself if you want." Her jaw dropped and she started hyperventilating. She eyed me and gave me that look that if I was lying, I would be dead.


"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME OUR BOYS ARE STAYING IN THE HOTEL?!?????!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!?!??!??!" That's what we called them, our boys. We had been obsessed with them. You should have seen Taylor Ann's room, literally a wallpaper of our boys. She even had a cardboard cut out of Louis. "DID YOU SEE LOUIS? Please tell me you saw him, is he here? Are you going to introduce me to the boys?"


I couldn't help but laugh at her childish moment. "I swear to you that I will introduce you to them, now, can I come into our room, please?" She stepped back and let me enter the room. "Where is everyone?"


"Well, Abby is still out with that guy..."


I interrupted her, "Niall..."


"What!? Why the hell didn't you tell me last night!?"


"I'm really sorry TA, but it all happened so fast. But anyway, what about Michele and Morgan?"


"Well, Michele went to the market to pick up some breakfast for us." I looked down, Taylor Ann looked at me and paused. "But I'm guessing you and Harry already ate." I just looked at her and nodded. "Morgan is still asleep I think. Did you see her at all last night?"


"No, I thought she would be with you guys."


"Oh, well, I think she got into something, she came back around four thirty or so. And she wreaked of alcohol. So, tell me about your night with Harry." She was so excited.


"Alright, so it all started at the club, we were dancing and then we came back here. Well, to his room I mean. And we talked a lot, and then we ya know...." I looked at her and she literally fell off he chair when I told her I wasn't lying. "And then when I woke up in the morning, he made me breakfast." I smiled and giggled a little. I was kind of falling for him I think, "it's really too bad that we are only here a few more days. I wish I could have more time with him."


"Nicole!!! Did I just hear that you did it with Harry freaking Styles?!" Morgan walked out of the room she was sharing with Michele. I looked up at her and burst into laughter.


"Honey, first, your hair is literally going in every direction possible. Second, how in the hell did you hear that? And third, where in the world were you last night?"




I laughed and said, "Yeah, Morgan, you know it wasn't my first time right?"




I looked to my toes as I said, "Nick."




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