My Angel Left Me


1. Why'd He Leave?

I need to kill these demons that haunt my soul. My angel left me to die alone. I dream these dreamless dreams whilst lying in my death bed. I got out to try and run away, there is no escaping them.  I sit on the broken window seal and look out on the dark, misty, gloomy, unforgiving day wondering what went wrong. Why am I feeling this way? What the fuck is wrong with me. I wonder outside to visit the dead man buried deep in my back yard. I see his demons standing among this final resting place. They do not look happy. Running, running, as fast as I can back to the sad, broken house. Locked away in the bathroom wishing mine, and his, demons would disappear into ash. Please, oh please, let me die whilst the red river is flowing once more! The door shakes vigorously. The last thing I lay my dead eyes upon are the demons, as they viciously murder my soul.

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