With you

Sorta felt a little depressed while writing this but meh... I'll be fine


1. With you

When I'm with you I feel elated, amazing even. But sometimes the days come when we're so close, yet so far apart. We could be in the same building. Hell we could even be in the same room and on those days we wouldn't even look at each other, let alone smile... I can't buy you the things you want, no fancy jewellery or anything of that sort. All I can give you is a present on your birthday and my ever-lasting love. Sometimes there are days where you don't want to get out of bed, I would know... Those days I feel the same way, but I just think to myself "Today is a new day filled with new possibilities"... There never are new possibilities, just chances to dwell upon the old opportunities that have been passed up, ones that have been wasted and used up. All of this time we have spent together I have wanted to say one thing to you, remember what it was? It was the thing you said was too soon to be said. Ever since we met up that one Saturday I have wanted to say it to you. "I love you"... We smile together, laugh together... We even sing together on occasion, songs like "Year 3000" and "I wanna be a rock star". Not being able to tell you of my true affection for you is eating me up from the inside outwards, almost like when in Alien the Chestbuster bursts out from the guy's chest. Even just writing that cheered me up and I'll thank you for it, I don't know why... Remember when we first met? That one time in IT? You were the most beautiful thing I had ever layed my eyes on and you still are, I just haven't told you enough... I feel unbeatable when I'm with you as I am your Connorwott and you are my Chiarachu.

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