The Lads From Across the Pond

Well, this is romance AND lyrics. So... well, here:

Taylor Swift goes across the world to meet up with Simon Cowell and this 'hip new band from England.' Apparently, fans are going GA-GA over them. What happens when she has to stay with her? Uh-oh. Next, guess what? She falls for one of them... then, some fall for her.


2. Welcome to London! Have You Met One Direction?

"Hey, guys, can you believe, RIGHT NOW, we're headed to Europe?" Abigail asked. "No. I honestly can't. And it's London, Gail." Selena said. "Does it matter?" asked Liz. "Not really." They said. "Hey, guys! Can you believe we're going to Lon--" we all stopped Evan, Payton's best friend that he insisted on bringing alone. "WE KNOW!" We screeched. "Sorry for asking."




About 3 hours later, we officially arrived in England. Just like, a hour until we get to London. Perfect!


I went on my iPhone and went onto camera. I took a picture of outdoors and then, clicked, 'Post to Twitter.' Once I got to Twitter, I typed in: Almost in London now! Jealous yet @carrieunderwood ?




"Attention passengers; we have now arrived in London." The pilot said. "Yes! We got over the sea without running into the Twin Towers." Selena said. "Selly; they collapsed in 2001." I said, she looked at me. "I know that Taylor." Selena said. "Mhm. Sure you do." Abigail said. I giggled slightly, "Really?"


I nodded.




"Payton -- it's 202 Birkwood Street!" Liz yelled. "Liz, stop yelling at my boyfriend." I commanded, not looking up from my phone, engaged in texting Simon. "He's going the wrong one." She said, obviously trying to win. "No he's not." Selena and Abigail said. I looked up. "Wow." We all managed to choke out. "Just, wow." I said, smiling. "Hey, guys! I see you're here." Simon said, once we got out. "Yeah, and let me say. Wow." I said. "Now, come meet the guys." He said, smiling. "K." Liz said.


"Guys! Come out!" Simon yelled, in his booming British accent. "Hello!" called out one, in his charming Irish accent. "Sexy boys in the house." Abigail said, winking. "Y-you're One Direction. I hate you guys!" I said. "Why?" the Irish one asked, face dropping dramatically. "You're all stuck-up." I admitted. "Are not." One said, in a fairly good British accent. Selena let out a wolf whistle. Man, they're sexy. I thought.

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