We Found Love

Harlee, Sarah, and Karen are moving to London to live with Harlee's Aunt Lou ( ONE DIRECTION'S makeup artist) when they meet up with one direction will love blosum? will some thing happen that will change their lives forever?
(A/N sorry for and miss spelled words im not the best writer)


2. chapter 2


Me and Liam were talking when I hear someone yell "Harlee freaking Roze, what did you do with my phone?" "I don't know I'm not in charge of packing all of your crap" I yelled back to Sarah even though we were only a few seats away. "Oh never mind found it, and no need to yell I'm right here." I rolled my eyes and mumbled "Sometimes I question that she is the oldest." Liam chuckled, "that's how I feel with Louis." I smiled. "So what exactly brings you girls to London?" he asked. "Oh we're going to live with my aunt Lou while we go to LUA," I said. Liam looked confused and asked "does she have a daughter named Lux?" I nodded. "That is our makeup artist," he said smiling. I returned the smile and said "well then I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other then." he grinned, "guess so."   

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