We Found Love

Harlee, Sarah, and Karen are moving to London to live with Harlee's Aunt Lou ( ONE DIRECTION'S makeup artist) when they meet up with one direction will love blosum? will some thing happen that will change their lives forever?
(A/N sorry for and miss spelled words im not the best writer)


1. Chapter 1


"Fight 22 for london is now bording" the anouncer said. i looked to Karen and Sarah and said " this is it." We squiled and ran to the plane. First class thank you aunt lou. We got in and i noticed that we were almost the only ones on the plane. "um excuse me but where are th eother pasengers?" i asked the fligth attendent. she smiled and said "well there are some very impotant people on this palne and well you and your friends were the only other people to book first class tickets, so you were aloud to stay on." I nodded and thanked her. I looked through twitter when someone said " may i sit here?" (A/N the girls sat on different rows). "sure, go ahead" I said not looking up. I finally looked up and my heart stopped it was LIAM FREAKING PAYNE. "I'm Harlee"



"I'm Harlee." her voice is so beautiful. I looked up to see the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. She had hazle eyes more green than brown, dark brown hair that was put in a messy bun, she wasn't skinny but she wasn't fat either and she had amazing curves, and long legs. "I-I'm Liam" i stuttered. she giggled "I know im a big fan." i blushed of course she knew who i am. We started Talking when it got late she fell asleep on my sholder. Not that i minded. i have olny known her for a couple of hours and i think i LOVE her. i guess thats what they call love at first sight. I layed my head on hers and fell asleep smiling.

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