We Found Love

Harlee, Sarah, and Karen are moving to London to live with Harlee's Aunt Lou ( ONE DIRECTION'S makeup artist) when they meet up with one direction will love blosum? will some thing happen that will change their lives forever?
(A/N sorry for and miss spelled words im not the best writer)


3. authors note!!!!! NEED CO-AUTHOR

A/N sorry I haven't been updating I've been busy with school I was thinking about having a co-author so if you're interested comment and yeah umm............... #acca-acward lol so yeah just needed to say that so yeah oh and me and my friend Karen want to meet new DIRECTIONERS so if you would tell me your name, what you look like, and you're facebook (if u have one) and you're instagram me and Karen will add or fallow you.......... PEACE OUT MY CRAZY AND DETICATED (not obsessed) DIRECTIONER FRIENDS LUV YAxx XD  

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