I think all bullies should read this and realise that everyone has a story and no one is perfect, not even you, so next time you go to bully someone for some little thing that they cant help, rememeber that they have a story, a life, and could even possibly be a self harmer.
Dont judge them either, its your words that make things worse, but if its positive they could stop. Ultimately you could be responsible forsaving or ending a life, and thats a big thing.


1. The New Girl

"I hear that she's a slut, fucked like eight guys at her old school and thats why she had to leave, to embarased to show her fake arse face."

"I hear that she cuts herself. What kind of girl does that? Stupid attention seeking hoe."

 "Well I heard that she killed her parents and thats why she lives with her grandparents. Its only a matter of time before she turns on them too."

Whispers break out around me, like those ones.

Narrow minded people, with no clue about me, but still prepared to gossip and talk shit.

The girl with the long blonde hair, who said the first one, actually looks pregant, she probably is for all I know.

I really wouldnt put it past her.

I dont say any of this of course, I just take my seat at an empty desk, and take out my homeroom book, labled "Alicia Jennings," and write the date at the top of the book, and place my pen down, aware that half the class is staring at me, but not really caring.

After all, its kind of a thing you do to the new girl at a school.

But in rality, I got called wrose things at my old school. 

The teacher walks in, a young woman with long red hair, who resembles a rat, no offence to her, but she is beautiful.

"Students,"she says and eyes a girl at the back of the class, "Cortnee stop that! Now. Good thank you. Morning everybody. I hope you all take your time to welcome our new person, Alicia Jade Jennings. I know that you will all make her very welcome.  Now take out your books and write down whats on the board."

I glance up at the board, and sigh, its an introduction to some unit that the class started last term apparently, but because I wasnt here, I need to ask for the book."

I put my hand up, and say,"can I please have the book?"

The teacher smiles at me sweetly,"sure. I'll just go to my office and get it for you."

She walks out, and then something lands on my desk.

Its a paper aeroplane and where I come from, paper aeroplanes only mean one thing; gossip, questions and more gossip.

I open it carefully and read it.

It says;

To the new girl/Alicia, you do realise that you wont last a single day here. We all know that you're a slut, and soon everyone will know, so just leave now while you still can.

I roll my eyes at the letter, stupid narrow minded twats, the only reason they call me a slut is because I kissed two guys in one day, which is not exactly slut material but yanno.

People these days.

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