Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


2. T w o


"Hey, uh, excuse me?"

I tapped the young girl next to me and began to ask her a question. She was about my age, wearing a plain white t-shirt and dark skinny Abercrombie pants. She awaited my question patiently. "Uh, that guy that just got out the car, uh, what's his name?" The young girl looked at who I was pointing to and chuckled to herself, "You must be new. He's Harold Styles, but don't call him that, he'll hold a grudge against you. Everyone just calls him Harry, but then again everyone doesn't personally know him."

"Oh" I replied. She nodded her head up and down. "Yeah, he's somewhat of a cool kid around here, no guy messes with him, every girl goes crazy over him, you know, all that stuff." She shrugged both her shoulders as if she could care less about Harold Harry.

She looked at me closer, blue eyes squinting at me. "Are you new? You look new. My name's Jade. Jade Morgan." I looked back at her. "Yeah, just moved here a week ago from New York. I'm Hailey Paterson."

We shared a warm smile. That's when he walked past me. The one and only Harry Styles. He didn't turn back, didn't move a muscle, he just kept on with his destination. The smell of vanilla and lavender caressed my sense of smell. Did he notice me? Did he notice me? I shook the thought out of my head, just as the bell rang.

Jade grabbed her bag up from the floor. "Well, I have to get going now. Nice meeting you Hailey, hope to see you around!" She waved good-bye to me. "Oh okay. Nice meeting you as well" I waved back and made way through he huge double doors of the school and inside.

As I walked around, trying to find my way to room What room was it again?? I looked down at my program, 345, Room 345. Great, 3 flights of stairs to walk up everyday from now on. I managed to make my way up to the third floor, pushing a few people here and there until I finally found the room. And right on time, the bell stopped playing the second I set foot in the classroom. A full room of heads turd my way. Welp, here we go. I shut the door behind me.

---First Period---

I handed the teacher my schedule, watched as he revised it and he placed me in the last row, last seat, by the corner. Great, such a lovely view from back here. I said sarcastically to myself as I sat down. Quickly the teacher began his lesson, English, my favorite subject.

"Everyone, take out Romeo and Juliet." He said to the class. Zippers unzipped and papers russled as students dug around for them in their bags. I clearly didn't have the book and was about to move to the empty seat beside me to share books with someone when the class door opened. It was him. Harry Styles. And he was looking right at me.

"Mr. Styles, I suppose you have a good excuse as to why you are 5 minutes late to class?" The teacher said taking his glasses off the bridge of his nose.

Harry scrunched up his eyebrows, placed a late pass on the teachers desk and walked to his seat. Holy Shit!! The empty seat next to me, had an owner and his name was Harry Styles.

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