Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


20. S i x t e e n

[Harry’s P.O.V]

I woke up with a massive headache. Beer

Terrible back pain. From “boxing” with Liam

And yet, my heart was the worst out of them all. Yankee

I suppose you can say my house was a fucking mess. Classic red plastic cups scattered all over my floor, I ended up sleeping on the sofa so I had a perfect view of them actually, and a few of Bobbie’s magazines were ripped and helplessly laid on the top of the T.V set.

“That was one hell of a party wasn’t it Styles?”

Louis’s sassy voice in the morning startled my pounding  head and I covered my ears quickly.


I cover my ears to show him that his high pitched male voice was not much appreciated at a time like this.

He rolled his eyes, “Oi, sorry to have disturbed the weakling, I shall scatter off now. HA. Get up and help clean now will ‘ya?”

He tossed a huge black garbage bag at me and I let it slide down my chest and into my lap as I groaned.

“Where are the others?!”

I asked, stretching myself out and rubbing the skin underneath my saggy eyes.

“Liam’s in the shower, Niall’s asleep and Zayn and William are cleaning up the backyard and me and you have the living room and kitchen. Oh and by any chance did you find Yankee? She was looking for you like a fox trying to find a punk little rabbit like you”

He laughed at his own corny joke and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Her name’s Hailey you nitwit and yes, I did see her.”

“Well did ‘ya bang her?” Louis asked as he dropped a whole stack of used up cups into his own trash bag.


“Bummer, cause I may or may have not banged this sexy red head. Funny thing is I don’t even think she goes to our school.” He smirked and threw in yet another stack of plastic cups in the bag before sealing it tight and heading towards the kitchen.

“Oh and don’t just sit there you lazy ass bum, it was your party as well. And don’t worry about Yankee, knowing you, you’ll probably have her down by the end of this week. I guarantee it.”

Without even thinking the word ‘tease’ came out of my mouth as I had a quick flashback of last night with her. It hurt like hell to try to remember everything, and I blame the beer and the minor use of drugs. I don’t mess around with it that much anymore, seeing as what a monster it transforms people into, like Bobbie for example.

“Fine, fine, I’ll help”

I get up slowly from the sofa and grab the garbage bag from my lap as I slowly make way across the living room, picking up those famous little red plastic cups from the floor.

And that’s when realization hits me, that I always make the mistake of throwing parties that I never really enjoy.




I bang on my bedroom door as hard as I can with intentions for Liam to hurry the fuck up.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” He replies as I hear his footsteps getting closer to the front door.

“You wore my shirt!?!” I scold at him as he chuckles to himself.

“It’s crazy cause it actually fit me and besides, mine had beer stains and some chicks Abercrombie and Fitch perfume on it.”  He showed me his shirt from behind his back and I scrunched up my face in response.

“Yeah, I did the same thing” Liam said as he patted my back. “Thank mate”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you baby”

I push him aside. “Wait, I thought I left my door locked!?! How the fuck did you get in?!”

Liam smirked, “I may be a baby, but I’m smart enough to know that a single bobby pin can do the job well” he flashed a bent bobby pin in my face and laughs to himself.


I stick my middle finger up at him and he turns on his heels still laughing to himself hysterically.

I change clothes quickly and head back downstairs, not even bothering to lock it.

A single bobby pin can do the trick Harry

I imitate Liam’s voice and I can’t help but entertain myself as I do.

By now it’s 12:30 and Niall’s awake, the house is clean, Liam doesn’t smell like Abercrombie and beer, and my headache is starting to go away.

I make way into the backyard once I see that no one’s in the living room and surely enough, there they are.

“Well it’s about time you got ‘ere mister man of the house!” Zayn chanted, earning him a set of laughs from the rest.

Shaking my head as I sit down on a chair across from William, who’s next to Zayn who’s followed by Niall, Louis and Liam.

“Ey, why the long face mate?” Niall asks as all eyes turn to me.

“Oh he’s just pissed that he didn’t get to get inside Yankee’s pants last night.” Louis starts.

“At his own party!?!” Liam chimes in.

“Woah talk about major punishment” William adds on.

“Major punishment?” I question as I lean in more in my seat. “Now why would that be?”

“Well for starters” William started “You nearly scared her to death when you found her spying on us. Two, you chased her around the forest when she tried to run away—“

“Hey, hey, now hold on a sec, you twins helped okay!?” I intervened.

He rolled his eyes “And third, you made her join Midnight Crew without her consent.”

“It wasn’t without her consent!!” I protest.

“Was too!! Or else she would be here with us right now and by the looks of it mate, there is no vagina in this backyard now is there?”

I grit my teeth and lean back on my chair as William high fives Louis.

Those sassy ass twins.

“And you don’t have her number as well huh?” Zayn asks.

I nod my head in shame, “I’m telling you guys, he’s slacking off” Niall says as he brushes his hands through his dirty blonde hair.

“I’m not slacking off whatsoever you guys.”

“Oh yeah? C’mon Harry, we know you, by know you would have had Yankee wrapped around your finger” Zayn replies.

“And something else as well, if you know what I mean” Liam raises his eyebrows and cackles as I tell him to go to hell.

“Okay, I admit, I’ve been slacking off, but HAILEY, she’s different okay!!”

“As in what terms are we talking huh?” William questions.

“Oh I don’t know!! But she’s different okay, case closed.” I snap at them.

 “You know what? Fuck you guys.” I curse at them and walk back inside the house stomping my big feet on the weak oak wooden floor.

 “Oi yeah, she’s a keeper” Zayn mutters to himself.

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