Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


12. N i n e

Hailey’s P.O.V*

“C’mon Lora, it’s just for an hour or two. I really need some fresh air AND I really want to draw many of scenery there!!! Please!?!?!”

I had been begging for my dear mother to let me go to Midland Forest to go sketch out some of the many tress and animals that inhabited the forest and to get some fresh air, as per her own request.

She set the newly washed plates from this mornings breakfast into the drying station and rested her body on the side of the sink. A moment of awkward silence came upon us and I slowly began to think that this wouldn’t work out. Slowly she opened her mouth.

“Ugh, fine Hailey, but just cause you caught me in a good mood. But--“


I spread my arms around her and she jerked a bit from the sudden sign of affection from me. Slowly she wrapped her arms around me. After a few seconds we mutually thought it was time to let go.

“But” she continued “Justin needs to be with you the whole time.”

My face muscles loosened as I began to pout. “But Lora!!! Do I have to bring him EVERYWHERE I go!?!?”

“Do you have your own car missy?” he asked, raising her eyebrows while saying it.

“Well, erm, no……but, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a taxi or something!!! C’mon please?!”

She looked at me sternly, “Lora, you’re lucky I’m even letting you go. Don’t push it.” With that she walked out of sight.
Ughh, fine. I mumbled and went upstairs to change.


“Drop me off here” I said to Justin as we stopped right in front of the main “entrance” of Midland Forest.

“If you say so. Oh and mom said that I was supposed to be with you all the time.” He said already reaching to take the key’s off the car. Quickly I grabbed his left wrist.

“NO!! I can protect myself on my own. Trust me, I’m fine. You can go by the Starbucks nearby and get yourself something. I’ll call you if anything.”

Justin stared at me blankly.

“C’mon, what are you waiting for?” I said as I got out the car and shut the door.

He shrugged his shoulders, “If ya say so sis. But call me okay?”

I nodded my head and waved at him until I was sure he was out of sight. At last, some time to myself.

Taking some deep breaths of the crisp forest air, I waked up a trail and deep into my paradise.

*Harry’s P.O.V*

I shut the door of my car and ran up all the way to where William told me the gang was. The closer I got, the louder the nearby noises became. A group of people came into view and I began to sprint up to them, branches smacking my face and leaves crushing underneath my Converse.

“MATES!!!” I yelled as I got closer.

One by one they turned back, facing me, first Louis, then Liam, Zayn and William, followed by Niall. Niall had bruises and scratches all over his pale face. They stepped aside as I made my way into the circle. My heart dropped as they all stepped aside, exposing me to one of the most hardest things I have had to witness in my life.

There, lay two helpless bodies. One belonged to Julius, a son of a bitch from the Undertakers Gang. He lay flat on the forest floor as blood came pouring down his left thigh. Man was he losing blood like a madman.

I moved over to the right of him, and sucked in a breath.

I dropped to the floor as I began to whimper, then cry, then scream all at once.

In front of me laid my younger cousin Jerald, stiff and cold. Dead.


*Hailey’s P.O.V*

I shut my sketchpad and placed my colored pencils back in their box and into my bag. I turned around and decided it would be nice to take a well deserved stroll around the forest.

I inhaled and exhaled with much pleasure as I heard the wind pass by me, blowing my hair around like those girls in the commercials.


I jumped back a bit. A piercing scream pearched my ears. I looked around frantically as if to find the source of such a desperate yell.


I heard it again, this time louder and longer. I ran right to where I heard it. My curiosity taking over me, like always.

That’s when I saw a small group of people huddled over what seemed like another human being. Quickly, I hid behind a huge oak tree, finding protection behind it’s huge wooden bark. I peeked my blue eyes out of one of the sides of it and began to observe.

I zoomed in on two of the people in the circle.

Hey, those are William and Louis, the twins from school. What are they doing here?? Wait, is that a de-----OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

I placed both of my now cold and stiff hands on my beating chest and sighed as I looked up at the sky.

What I had just seen would change my life forever.

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