Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


3. Meet Hailey Paterson

Name: Hailey Anne Paterson
Age: 17
Likes: Animals, Singing, Dancing, Writing,
Dislikes: People who are fake, frogs, dark rooms
Siblings: Justin Paterson (Age: 18, Pic: )

Hello there, my name is Hailey Paterson. I am 17 years old and currently residing in Manchester, U.K. I am originally from New York. I have an older brother named Justin, we have a love-hate relationship. My mom is a traveling real-estate agent and my dad is a music teacher. We just moved here last week but my dad stayed back in New York. Not that it really matters, i don't really have a good relationship with my parents, and I don't really have much friends at all. I don't find that hard to believe seeing as though I prefer to read a book than being at a party full of wannabes. I don't trust a lot of people in this world, and music is my only escape, much like my father's.

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