Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


19. F i f t h t e e n

-Hailey’s P.O.V-

The ride back home was quite quiet and almost a bit too much for comfort but I actually didn’t mind it at all that much. Surprisingly, my heart was still beating a bit rapidly and I wasn’t sure if it was the rush of the moment from running away from the party so unexpectantly or the whole occurrence with Harry.

Justin nudged my shoulder and I stared back at him blankly.

“Why’d you want to see him?” he asked as he stopped the car at the red light, lowering his shoulders.

“See who?” I asked, playing the dumb person in the conversation.

“You know who. Harry Styles, I found out it’s his party. I’m not stupid Hay, why’d you want to see him? Are you hooking up with him?” His eyes closed in on me and I took in a breath before responding.

“Okay fine, I DID come to see him but no, I’m not hooking up with him okay!?!” I sat up straight in the passenger’s seat and lowered my shoulders, making sure not to lose eye contact with Justin.

“Well, drive!!!” I spat at him. He sighed but pressed the gas pedal and passed the green light.

I sighed and didn’t open my mouth the rest of the ride home.

I opened the door, got out of the car, not waiting for Justin to come out yet, and walked up all the way back around the house to where the ladder was.

“Justin hurry up!” I hissed at him as he took his time to catch up to me. I watched as he held on tightly to the bottom half of the ladder and manvered it so that it wouldn’t tilt over and fall.

“Hop on” he rather so commanded and I did as he said, gripping on to the sides for support and one step at a time rising up higher and higher, getting closer and closer to my window sill. I left the window open for the sole purpose of not struggling to open it from the outside at such a time like this and simply went inside. Now, it was my turn.

I held on to the top half of the ladder and waited until Justin made his way up to my window as well.

“Crap” I whispered to myself.


“The ladder. We can’t just leave it there like it’s casually been lying around conveniently in front of my room, she’ll find out!!”

“Oh crap, you’re right. Uhm… okay, what time is it now?”

I look over my shoulder to my alarm clock.

“1:36 a.m”

“Hmn… okay, I’ll wake up at 4:30, move the ladder back to the shed and if anything happens, then I’ll knock on your door. Understand?”

 I nod my head in response. “But I mean you do know mom wakes up at around that time to check her emails and go for a “Stroll” around town.”

“Perfectly fine with me, don’t worry about it, now just go try and get some sleep.”

He turned on his heels and weakly waved goodnight to me, heading towards the door.

“Justin wait!!” I ran up to him and leaned on the door, he looked at me right in the eye.

“What is it?”

“Thanks.” I shrug my shoulders softly and let out a small smile from the corner of my mouth.

By the looks of it he can’t help it either and lets out a small smile of his own.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.”

With that he turns on his heels and out the door, closing it shut behind him. I make way to my bed and plop myself on it carelessly, slowly sinking on the surface of it and before I know it, I’m asleep and dreaming about the occurrences of tonight


“HAILEY!!! Wake up, breakfast is ready!?!”

Ugh just shut up mom.

I yawn and stretch myself out as I sit up tall in bed.  Aw are you kidding me?

I look down and notice that I had fallen asleep fully clothed and not in my pj’s. I get up and walk straight up to my closet, opening the door I choose the first shirt that I find and put it on.

“HAILEY ANNE PATERSON!! If you don’t get your butt down----“

SHUT UP MOM!!!!! It’s fucking Sunday, can’t I sleep a bit late gosh!!!

“I’M COMING!! I’M COMING!!!” I yell back and run downstairs as fast as I can, turning the corner past the living room and into the kitchen. Justin’s already sitting at the kitchen table and Lora’s by the sink, washing her hands and drying them on a small rag hanging on the wall.

“Nice of you to join us Hailey.” She raises her eyebrows at me and gives me one of those infamous mom looks.

“It was hard not to resist” I reply sarcastically back at her and take the empty seat across from Justin at the kitchen table. Lora sits down in-between us and starts to dig in into her already set out food, a plate of pancakes and orange juice. I grab myself a bagel from the center of the table and start to spread some cream cheese on it with a spreader when Lora begins to ask a question.

“This morning I took my morning stroll around the neighborhood and when I came back, the door to the shed was a bit open. Did any of you two hear someone break in last night?”

I stopped spreading the cream cheese and gave Justin a quick look from underneath my eyelashes.

“Uh..no..not at all mom. Why, did you?” I stutter.

She frowns, “Well now that I think about it, no, not really. I haven’t stepped into that shed these past few days. Your father isn’t here to store any tools as he did back home seeing as though he’s not even living with us, so I find no need to go there.”

“Um..ah…speaking of dad, when is he coming here?” Justin pops the question out of the blue and for once I’m actually quite glad he interfered in one of my conversations.

Lora sets her fork and knife gently on the side of her plate of pancakes and looks up at Justin and me. She looks concerned and a bit depressed at the mention of our father but forces out a fake and weary smile.

“Your father and I have talked about the whole bringing him over here to live with us like we did back in New York, but we’re-“

She emphasized the word we’re to show us that since our move, we’ve been struggling a slight bit financially.

“-A bit tight on money now. You’re father on the other hand, as per his own words, ‘Have saved sufficient money to visit’.”

I take a bite from my bagel and set the rest back on my plate, “So does that mean he’s coming?”

“Yes, your father could be coming any day now, so don’t be surprised if you come back from school one day and he’s here, hogging up the television.”

She got up and took her plate over to the surface of the sink and leaned on it a bit. She kept on talking about us trying to keep up being a family and getting trough tough times together, but honestly, I wasn’t paying attention. Instead I was thinking about my dad.

Quite frankly, I looked a lot like him. Curly brown hair and a dimple on our right cheek, the way both of us would cock our head back as we laughed. Yet surprisingly, we weren’t the same mentally. Dad’s more of a religious type man, all straight and elegant with his suit and tie, no pun intended, and he really thought of things logically.

Which is why when Justin finally decided it was time to come out of the closet and explain his sexual preference to my family, dad wasn’t all that supportive.

“No son of mine is going to be such a THING, do you know what happens to people like THEM huh!?! They’re damned to HELL!!! God created man and WOMAN, not MAN and MAN!!! You’re better than this Justin, you’re telling me that you want to be part of this “trend” that’s sweeping the world!?! Is that what you want to be? Another freak who’ll be judged for that one decision of yours!?!!? HUH!?! IS THAT  WHAT YOU WANT!?!”

My dad laid hands on Justin that day, it was terrifying to watch, so I heard from my behind my bedroom walls.

That was 2 years ago, back when Justin was 16 and I was 14 going on to 15. I knew what being gay meant, guys like guys, girls like girls, on other occasions, they preferred both. Yet I never really expected my own brother to become one, or maybe he was born like that, guess we’ll never know.

And Dad wasn’t that supportive as you can see, yet mom wasn’t either, at least at first.

“He’s my son and I’ll respect any choice he makes in his life, whether I like it or not.”

My parents weren’t the same after that, my dad didn’t really pay much attention to my mom, I think they lost the sparks to each other’s flames. So he stayed back home and kept on teaching while.

“HELLO, earth to HAILEY!!!”

My mother’s high pitched motherly voice echoed through my ear drums and I snapped out of my flashback daze.

“Where’s Justin?” I asked when the seat across from me was empty. She frowned at me.

“He went upstairs a few minutes ago.” The table was empty and my unfinished bagel was in the trash can. “Hailey, are you okay?” Her tone changed and I frowned at her as I got up from my seat.

“Um, yeah. Why?”

“Well, you’re been actually really unusual lately. Anything bad happen at school?”


“Is something wrong?”


“Is this because of your father?” She crossed her arms.


“Ah. I get it now. It’s a boy now isn’t it?” She unwrapped her arms and set them on her hips.

Yes mom, it’s a boy, and his name is Harry Styles. He’s a really bad guy at school, but I think he means well. He’s in a gang, which you don’t approve of, and he gets drunk and hosts parties, which you ALSO don’t approve of. Yet I find myself  falling for him, why? Gosh I don’t know, I blame my hormones.

“N-NO. No, there is no boy involved whatsoever” I twirl my hair and bite my lip as she sighs deeply.

“If you say so Hailey, and good.”

I turn around and walk out the kitchen and past the living room.

“Good indeed” I mutter under my breath sarcastically and run up the stairs into my room.

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