Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


22. E i g h t e e n

Quick change of plans. Niall now goes to school with Hailey, Harry and the twins, making Zayn and Liam the only one's living across town. OMG Zayn and Liam, talk about Ziam feels haha. Okay I'm weird bye. xx



-Harrys P.O.V-


I let go of Hailey’s arm and watch as she huffs and walks out of sight. I smirk and walk down the stairs towards my biology class. I check the time on my watch and for a second I bump into someone on the staircase.


“Hey you, watch where you’re going will ya!?” I hear them spat at me and I look up to a pair of blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.


“Backat’cha Niall” I smirk and Niall starts to laugh at our small encounter on the staircases.


“Shouldn’t you be in class?” I ask him.


He sets his hand on the railing and starts to lean on it, “Eh, I have English class but I don’t ever bother. I hate that class and besides I’ve cut that class so many times, I’m probably failing it. And I have Spanish later which I’m probably failing as well.”


He shrugs his shoulders and I can’t help but chuckle at Niall’s ignorance to school. I mean of course I wasn’t one of those honor roll students but I always managed to pass on forward to the next school year. If anything, Liam was the smartest one out of all of us.


“What about you ey? Don’t you have what’s it again? Bio?”


I nod my head at Niall as he takes a seat on the steps, making sure not to be noticed by the school’s security cameras.


“Well get going Mr. Smartypants” Niall teases at me as he opens up his backpack and takes out a notepad and #2 pencil.


I hesitate and shove his leg over to that I can take up the empty space beside him. He chuckles and places his bag in between his legs, zipping it up a bit. Niall was just so mysterious sometimes.


“What are you writing?” I ask him as I nudge his left shoulder, he’s a lefty so he ends up smudging up his paper a bit and I smile apologetically at him. He rolls his eyes and sets his focus back at the notepad while answering back at me.


“It’s a poem”


“Really? Let me see” I lean in more towards him and he elbows me to stop it.


“No, it’s not done yet, ey!”


I roll my eyes playfully and raise my hands in the air, “Fine, fine, go ahead and hog it up Shakespeare.”


He can’t help but chuckle and I shake my head at him. Time passed by and he kept on writing his mysterious poetic “masterpiece” as I found myself picking at a scab that had erupted at the base of my elbow.

“So um, Harry, how are things going with Yankee?”


Niall closes up his notepad and secures it in his bag along with his pencil and turn 180 degrees to face me.


I surrender trying to take the scab off and shrug my shoulders at Niall.


“She’s something”


“What do ya mean?”


“She can sing. Heard her outside the music room second period”


Niall’s eyes lighten up.


“She sings?!”


“Yes. I just told you, keep up Niall! Anyways, I went up to her to ask her why she-”


I shouldn’t tell the guys what she did to me, it wouldn’t keep up with my reputation now would it?


“Why she what!?! C’mon Harry!! Tell me!!”


“No-nothing. Just why she’s being such a bitch and not wanting anything to do with me.” I deepen my eyebrows and shake my head.


“Well if you think about it Haz, at around this time last year, you’d gotten half the cheerleading team crossed of your list.”


Niall point it out to me and I can’t help but sink my hands in my face and groan. Niall pats my back and frowns.


“I think you were right about her mate”


I frown, “What do you mean?”


He shrugs his shoulders, “Well, she doesn’t really flirt with any guys that I know of, she doesn’t wear such exposing clothing as compared to most of the sluts around ‘ere, she doesn’t get into trouble in school, she seems to doze off in Spanish class at times, to the point where she just stares blankly at her notebook and hums tunes to herself then ends up looking like a weirdo when Mr. Gomes call on her for a question and –”


Woah there.


I frown at Niall and raise my arms up and I make a, what the hell face at him. He buries his head as he raises his shoulders and chuckles awkwardly at me.


“Well, I um, I see your point there mate, she isn’t like the other girls I’ve been with. But hey, maybe that’s why I’m attracted to her, her innocence and everything about her.”


“I uh, I suppose so”


“Yeah” I mutter out after a moment of awkward silence.


“Wait, you have Spanish with her!?! Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Oh well I mean, I didn’t think it would be of importance to you Haz.”


“Anything that has to do with Yankee is of importance with me Niall” I lower my head at him.


“Fine, fine master” he teases at me and I let out a sequence of minor laughs at him.


A few students start to make way into the staircase and we both know the bells about to ring soon, so we grab out bags and begin to wait for the bell to ring. Unfortunately, I don’t see Yankee after this period, except for lunch, but I have detention, ugh.


I nod good-bye to Niall and push the double doors outwards into the soon to be filled hallways.





-Haley’s P.O.V-


I walk up into the already crowded cafeteria and try to spot Jade throughout the cafeteria tables. It’s actually been a while since I’ve talked to Jade and surprisingly we still clicked. I mean of course I haven’t told her anything about Harry and the party and the forest and all of that and to my advantage, Jade isn’t one of those people who wants to know everything that’s happening in someone’s life.




I turn around and turn to face a young blonde girl waving at me from an empty table. I smile and walk up to her, pushing a bit of my light brown hair behind my ear.


“Hey Jade” I manage to say as I take a seat in front of her. She smiles and sets her lunch on the table, a Nutella sandwich and a bottle of water.


“So what did you do this weekend?” She asks as she takes a sip of her drink.


“I, nothing new really, just stayed home listening to music, ya know, teenage stuff” I bite my lip and shrug my shoulders at her.


“Well did you at least go to that guy’s party?”


“Who? Harry? I um, I was, but I um, I didn’t, I couldn’t, my mom” I roll my eyes playfully and she nods her head.

“Ugh. Tell me about it.”


I smile back at her and spot the twins and blondie, wait, blondie!?! I move my head from side to side trying to make sure that I’m not going crazy or anything. Surely enough, it’s Niall, I groan.


“What happened?”  Jade asks me.


“Um nothing, nothing, I was just wandering my eyes haha”


“Oh um okay. Well listen Hailey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at my place tomorrow, ya know, so you won’t be bored and all in this rotten place I call home.”


I chuckle, “Aw thanks Jade, I’ll accept the offer” I shot a smile at her and slouch my once tense shoulders.


“No problem Hailey”


I watch as Niall and the twins lean on the wall a few tables away from me. Niall probably got transferred in to my lunch period, but where was Harry? Not that I cared, I mean okay I did, a bit, but where was he? They seemed to be chit chatting and once Jade starts talking about what we’ll be doing at her house tomorrow after school, I start to steer away from her voice and eye in on the boys. The twins are matching, they always are, whether it’s the sneakers or the shirts.


Niall’s in my Spanish class, which to be honest, is one of my easiest classes to pass seeing as though my grandfather from my dad’s side was part Ecuadorian. I thought he was a sweetheart when I first got here and he smiled at me when I first walked into the classroom, but clearly he’s not since he’s in Midnight Crew, those “bad-asses”.


“Hailey, HAILEY!!!”


“What!?! Oh um yeah”


I shake my head and stare at Jade’s hand whose poking me from across the table.


“Were you even listening to me!?! I asked you if you liked popcorn so I can make sure to get some this afternoon!”


I stare blankly at Jade and she shakes her head at me.


“Oh um, yeah I do, I do.”


“Good, okay, so I’ll make sure to get them for tomorrow”


We end up talking about our classes and Jade’s annoying homeroom teacher and our favorite bands. I can’t help but wonder where Harry is, although I know I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it.

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