Midnight Crew [Punk Harry AU]

"You're parents are right, bad boy's aren't any good but then again, good boys aren't any fun."

"We're a family can't you see? We have our ups and downs cause we're broken souls, but we're broken souls together."

"I may be a dim shattered light, but even the dim illuminate"


11. E i g h t [ 2 ]

*Harry’s P.O.V*


I woke up.

Dry drops of blood on my shirt.

A massive headache.

At least it’s Saturday.

Blurs of last nigt came pouring down my memory box. I got up from the bottom of the staircase and relied on my legs remaining strength to carry me into the kitchen. Cold kitchen tiles welcomed me into a small table with nothing but empty bottles of beer and what seemed like the smell of burnt rice.

He’d come back.

I sighed and opened the fridge door and searched for food. Nothing. Not that it surprised me.

Spoiled milk, cracked eggs, lasagna from last month and a small container of some type of slimy thing. I wasn’t going to take any risks anytime soon so I shut the fridge door and walked out the kitchen.

Wooden floors creaked as I went past the living room and up to my sanctuary. With a gentle shove my room door opened and I walked in.

Sighing as I changed clothes, I cursed quietly at Bobbie for everything he’s cuased in my life. And not just mine but my mothers as well. I flung my blood stained shirt into my raising pile of dirty clothes and watched as it slid to the bottom. The ringing of my phone snapped me out of it.


A furious William spat out at me. I cringed a bit as I turned off the speaker button and placed my right ear back on the phone.

“What are you talking about William?!? What’s the fucking problem?? And why do I need to be there??” I asked him. I heard a fumble over the phone and a few whispers and mumbles before hearing a response from William.

“Julius, one of the cunts from The Undertakers got into a fight with Niall. One thing lead to the other and the thing is Nialls badly hurt and well your cousin Jerald…… (mumbling) just come here Harry. You’re our leader and we need you…..”

I placed the phone on speaker and set it down on my bed as I quickly squeezed into a shirt and jeans then said. “Will, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” I shut my phone off and ran down the stairs, two by two. Oh so swiftly, I grabbed my car keys from the living room table and dashed out the house causing it to slam as hard as it did last night. I shook my head trying to put the scene of last night aside. I would deal with him sooner or later, but now, Midnight Crew needed me.

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