"Who Knew?"

Maddie and her mates go to a huge party one night. Whilst at the club, Maddie runs into a guy well known around the area, Harry. Will he treat Maddie like all the other girls? Will Maddie even speak to him? Will she be the one to break him?


2. chapter two

I see him standing him standing by the doors, he must've gotten here a bit ago. His floppy copper curls hung around his face quite fittingly. He wore a black blazer and a white v-neck tee, he looked stunning. even from the distance I could see his emerald orbs staring me down. I know who it is, it's Harry Styles. He has a bad reputation around Cheshire. I've heard a lot about him, and don't care for him much. I turn back from my intense stare with Harry. Ellie looking a bit freaked out leans in and asks,


"What do you think he wants?"


"I-I don't know. Maybe he's just looking past us." I say with hope.


It's not everyday the town whore stares at you. Well, I guess he does that a lot.


"Yeah right Maddie!" Ellie yells at me.


His mates even look intimidating.


"He probably want to fuck one of us like he does all his other hoes." I spit out with disgust.


"Common, lets go somewhere else and maybe he'll forget us." I say with confidence.


"Okay, lets go find the others." She pushes me forward a little.


I stumble a little, not thinking I drank that much I stopped to balance myself. As I move on we shove drunk idiots out of our way to be with the others in the corner. The first one I spot, of course, is Lilly. She's dancing on a table with a guy, everyone is taking pictures and videoing. I run to her and and try to get her down. She doesn't recognize me at first and tries to push me away yelling. She's very drunk, wonderful.


"What the hell?" She slurs.


"Why are you acting like this!" I yell angrily.


"Cos I-I can Maddieee, piss off!" Lilly hisses.


I have finally had enough of her games! I pulled her in close to me and slapped her. She was utterly shocked.


"Don't you DARE touch me EVER again!" She spat.


She gets out of my grip, and storms toward the exit. Leah goes to go after her, but I stop her. Lilly needs to sober up before we go talk to her, but I don't want her walking around drunk. I'm so torn. As the group and I are watching her walk out, one of Harry's mates goes out the door after her. Just great, now she's going to get raped. I got to slide forward, but stop. Maybe I'll just let her go, it'll teach her a lesson. I was trying to be a good friend! She is the one who is separating herself from our group.


All of us get back together at the bar for one last drink. Since I'm the most sober, I am going to be driving. We all walk out of the club, with me last in our line. Just before I get to the door Harry steps in front of it, not allowing me to pass.


"Excuse me." I try to say politely.


"Hello." He says, like he's a god.


"I'm leaving, if you don't mind moving, that would be wonderful. Thank you."


"Can I have your number?"


"Absolutely not. Please fucking move." I say, clearly getting pissed.


"Sassy, I like that." He says taking a step forward.


"You're a pig, get away!" I yell, now really pissed.


"Have it your way." He says, shocked I didn't give in to those paralyzing eyes and dimples.


"Yes, thanks."


I go to walk by and he suddenly grabs my upper arm and leans in to say something.


"Don't worry about your mate, I told mine to look after her." He says, as if he's amusing himself.


"He better not hurt her! I will have your asses." I hiss, giving him the nastiest look I could muster.


"Don't worry babe, I have it under control. I saw your little spat over there with her. She's obviously drunk, so I told Adam to go watch her."


"You're a creep. Now release me and never, EVER call me babe."


He lets me go, and I stand there for a moment. Shocked of what just happened. I tried all night to avoid him, and I just now had a full conversation with him. To top it all off, he touched me. Yes, his hands were big and warm, but I don't know what STDs he has.


"You know it....babe." He says cheekily.


I managed to pull my body forward and mutter,


He just smiles.

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