"Who Knew?"

Maddie and her mates go to a huge party one night. Whilst at the club, Maddie runs into a guy well known around the area, Harry. Will he treat Maddie like all the other girls? Will Maddie even speak to him? Will she be the one to break him?


3. chapter three

Once we get to mine, we all go to walk into the living area. My mum is sitting on the couch, waiting and looking pissed. Maybe she's just mad cos we stayed out 'til 02.30 am?


"What is going on?" She firmly asks.


"We're drunk." Jade struggles to say correct words, and is stumbling about.


Mum gives us the 'no fucking shit' look.


"Do you remember our plans Maddaline Lee?" She asks, sounding upset now. Plus she used my middle name, this is probably something bad.


"Guise, can you go upstairs please?" I ask, wanting to kick myself in the ass for forgetting.


"Yes! We can." Ellie quickly says ushering the other up into my room most likely.


"So?" She asks, I can't tell her emotions right now.


"Erm, I'm sorry mum, really. I totally forgot."


"Obviously! How could you forget? We had this planned for months Maddie!"



My mum and dad broken up when I was 11, they were never married. My dad was a worthless drunk and mum finally found her strength and left. I hadn't cared for him from the way he treated us. I haven't seen him in seven years. Yes, he'd tried calling, I'd always deny the call. Mum finally threatened me to talk to him or she'd send me to live with him cos he was annoying calling all the time. There would be a cold day in hell when I'd ever live with him. So I called. Two months ago, whilst on speaker phone, mum had made plans to meet at Tatton Park, here in Cheshire, so it would be public if he tried anything.

~end flashback~


"Monday evening at three we're meeting him at Centre Park. You BETTER be there." She said giving me the evil eye. After that she stormed upstairs.

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