"Who Knew?"

Maddie and her mates go to a huge party one night. Whilst at the club, Maddie runs into a guy well known around the area, Harry. Will he treat Maddie like all the other girls? Will Maddie even speak to him? Will she be the one to break him?


1. chaper one


There is a huge party going on tonight at Club 21, everyone is going. I'm sitting on my bed with my closest mates, Ollie, Jade, Leah, Ellie and Lilly, trying to figure out what to wear.


"From what I hear it's going to be EPPPIICCC!" Ellie says almost too excitedly. She's an idiot, that's why we love her.


"I know! That's why I need something sexy, but something I can move in." I say kind of annoyed.


Jade goes to my wardrobe and picks out the perfect item. Not sure why I didn't see it. The dress comes about 5 centimetres above my knee, perfect to dance in. It's a plum colour with sparkles covering it. It comes down into a deep v neckline, but not showing too much. With the right black lace heels, a sliver necklace and bracelet, plus a black clutch it comes together wonderfully.


With all my clothing and accessories gathered, I'm ushered into the bathroom.


"Go, go, go!" Leah says, pushing me.


I'm not even in there a few minutes before they're yelling like banshees for me to come out. They annoy me sometimes.


"Wait! I have to do my make up too." I said, letting my annoyance be known.


I stand in front of the mirror, admiring myself. Not to blow smoke up my own ass, but I look good. My black hair falling to mid-back, my blue orbs staring back at me through the mirror. I had added a bit of make-up to my decent toned skin. The dark smokey eye made my light, bright blue eyes stand out. A bit of blush made my cheek bones look as if they stuck out more and some fuchsia lipstick let my lips look more plump.


I step out if the bathroom only to hear gasps.


"You. Look. Gorgeous!" Lilly squealed.


"I don't look to naff do I?" Knowing it wasn't too much, but still genuinely wondering.


"You're just...hot." Ollie said, sort of inaudibly. He's always had a crush on me. I've had one on him too, but those feeling faded quickly.


Blushing a little, I said thanks.


"Common, we'll be late!" I hear a yell form downstairs.


Lilly, Ollie and I go meet them down there. Whilst quickly running out of the door I yell to my mum that we'll be back later. We're gone before I hear a response.


All six of us barely fit into Jades land rover. We're about a kilometre away from Club 21 and cars fill the motorway and pack the car park. We thankfully find a space not too far away.


Once we're inside, eyes looked us over. We received plenty of nasty compliments, Ollie got mostly girls coming up to him, a few gay guys did too. It was brilliant!


~Ollie has what people call 'skater hair'. It's black and curls up at the bottom. He has blue eyes, a bit darker than mine. He's about 17 centimetres taller than me, and has a great tan. The girls and I wonder how that's possible, cos we look like vampires. Except me, I'm not THAT pale. Leah has medium length wavy auburn hair with hazel eyes, she's a bit shorter than I. Ellie has short-ish blonde curly hair, with bright green eyes, the tallest of the girls. Lilly has long bright ass blue hair she got done, it's currently in a terrible looking perm and brown eyes. Jade is our 'second boy' in the group cos she has naturally straight brown hair that comes up to her shoulders, and dark brown eyes.~


The beat was thudding against my eardrum as I was struggling to hear Ellie. The others found their dance partners, except Lil. I don't know what she was doing to this poor guy. She's been acting a little...whore-ish lately. Ellie and I just wanted to kind of chill out and find some nice guys, no chavs.


"What about him?" I scream at El making sure she heard me.


"EW, no way!" She happily squeaked, thinking everything was funny as she was a bit tipsy. We played 'hook Ellie up' for a whilst before her looking me in the eye and serious as ever.


"Maddie, what about him? He's been watching you for a little whilst now." I turn to see where he gaze was pointing and saw him.








erm, this is my first time writing a fanfic, so sorry if its shit.. let me know what you think and ill try and upload as much as possible with school and everything. Thanks!


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