One Direction was done with their tour and they didn't even get a break and they were forced to do write their new album. So they decided to escape to a mysterious island and they got into a car crash. 4 girls were also in the plane, and the 8 teens were the only ones alive. So how are they going to survive for god knows how long on a undiscovered island


1. Fleeing From Everyone


Third Person's P.O.V.


They were all sick of management and their control over them. Yes I'm talking about One Direction, they just finished their tour and they were soon to write their next albums! And the last one just came out like 5 months ago and they didn't even get any break. Liam sighed after thinking of that, and he was the responsible. Well, guess stuff really can change people.
"I have a plan!" Louis shouted out randomly at their shared flat. Everyone turned from their phones and looked at him confusedly.
"What are you talking about?" Niall asked, raising an eyebrow. Louis' imaginations could get too far and crazy sometimes.
"Well I was thinking, maybe we could like fly somewhere secret without anyone knowing. And we could stay for a few months until we're relaxed." Louis said smiling, proud that he was so smart. Everyone's eyes grew big and thought about it for awhile. They shared secret looks and.... well here they are!

"I still can't believe I agreed to that!" Liam said in his disguise. Of course they were all in disguises, no one could know where they went. Everyone checked their looks and got out of their fake passports. The perks of being famous. Harry got out his phone and tweeted before getting on the plane with the other boys.
@Harry_Styles: Sorry everyone! We love you and we'll be out of the cameras for a few months. And management, don't find us cause you won't xx
Harry took a deep breath before sitting down on the window seat. He look out the window to see fans surrounding the airport. He closed his eyes and put on his earplugs before pressing shuffle. He leaned against the window and fell into a deep sleep while the others kept talking in the private room they had.

While the boys were in the private room, 4 best friends were chatting about how their vacation will be great. "I still can't believe we're all going on a vacation together!" Diana whispered, not wanting to wake up the other people in the plane. She freaked out inside her head and the others all nodded excitedly. "I was so scared that your parent wouldn't let you go Sarah."
"I know right!" Sarah agreed, "But I'm so glad they did."
Melanie and Adrianna just nodded and listened to their conversations while listening to the music softly. Melanie checked her twitter and something Harry tweeted caught her eyes. "O.M.G." She freaked out, having all the others' attention on her.
"What?!" Adrianna leaned over to her and looked at the tweet with her eyes wide and her mouth opened. The others saw it and they had the same reaction.
"I wonder where they went." Diana wondered looking up, thinking. But little did they know that they were breathing the same air and headed for the same destination.

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