Skater chik(a Harry Styles fanfiction)

this is a story about a girl name Jennifer who finds her true love while skating.She knows who he is,but acts all cool. Her bestfriend Bella was their too. While Harry is trying to get her to go out on a date with him will Jennifer finally just give up and realize shes in love with him.

this is my first movella so plz no hate


17. Suprise! again

When all of the performances where over,they said they had a special guest singing,all I know is I heard the music to Magic by One Direction Then heard Harry's voice I turned around around from talking to Demi and Bella to see One Direction performing.I screamed at the top of my lungs my scream was just a bit louder then the fans Demi said"Damn you really know how to scream!" "well when the boy you love is singing wouldnt you scream" "no I havent screamed have I?" she blurted out I stood their shocked "you like Niall!""Yeah""I can so make that happen"I said to her with a wink. She smiled "just so you know he loves you too..alot but you didnt hear it from me."



~~~~~~~~~~~~~after their performance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We all went back to me and Demi's cabin Harry came up from behind and picked me up and sat me on my bed after I closed the door"I think me and Jennifer her should change real quickly" Demi said "yeah" I agreed so we got our clothes then went to the bathroom in the cabin that thing is huge. I changed into some shorts and a tanktop since it is hot as a mofo.When we got back out everyone looked at us like we were crazy cause we both had  shorts and a tanktop on. "what? it's hot as a mofo in here" I said they all shook their heads.They boys had to leave because of tour,so Bella left too. Harry gave me a kiss good-bye.I walked back up to the cabin the Demi."ooooohhhh Dems<my nickname for her) we should go out to lunch tomorrow since we all get a day off."I said "yeah lets pick out our outfits""how about tomorrow" "fine"she said all sassy I laughed "Good night Dems" Good Night jens" she laughed with her new nickname for me.with that I fell asleep.

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