Skater chik(a Harry Styles fanfiction)

this is a story about a girl name Jennifer who finds her true love while skating.She knows who he is,but acts all cool. Her bestfriend Bella was their too. While Harry is trying to get her to go out on a date with him will Jennifer finally just give up and realize shes in love with him.

this is my first movella so plz no hate


3. My Park

Jennifers P.O.V.


(except her hair is dip dyed pink)

On the way to my park you go through the woods,then you are their.The reason we call it my park is because my first boyfriend and I would come here and dance and skate and hang-out.He was my first love,I met him in Kindergarten.I found out I loved him in 5th the end of the year.but my supposive best friend went out with him.That friendship was short.But he moved so we said good-bye.I never found anyone knew after that,no one accepted the fact I was just a guy locked in a girls body. The only thing girly about me would have to me my voice and my body and how hard I can fangirl over One Direction.I play video games,skateboard,hates girly clothes talks like a sailor and is dirty minded the only guy who liked me was him,him's name was Sheen.

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