Skater chik(a Harry Styles fanfiction)

this is a story about a girl name Jennifer who finds her true love while skating.She knows who he is,but acts all cool. Her bestfriend Bella was their too. While Harry is trying to get her to go out on a date with him will Jennifer finally just give up and realize shes in love with him.

this is my first movella so plz no hate


15. Jennifer you are with me!

I decided I would just go in a shirt and skirt for the judges so I grabbed this( I got up their introduced myself and all dat shizz then sang The A-Team they also said I could choose who I wanted it was hard because I wanted Demi and Simon,so I just went with the flow "Demi" I said Demi smiled "YES!!"she yelled Simon looked confused "oh shut up Demi"I laughed then walked off the stage.When it was Tuesday we all met up with our coach she was gonna help us practice for our performance.

*2 days after performance for judges*

Well today is the day we have to find out who our 'new'coach is infront of the audience so I took a shower then got dreesed in this( then performed and randomly picked Demi.Then we all went back to out cabins and changed. I got a knock on my door it was...Demi?
"oh, hi come in" she came in "hi" I wanted to talk to to you" "okay"you say confused "okay you cant tell anyone this okay?" she says "got it""okay I want you to win more than anyone so me and you are gonna practice just a little more okay?" "okay!"yo reply


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