Skater chik(a Harry Styles fanfiction)

this is a story about a girl name Jennifer who finds her true love while skating.She knows who he is,but acts all cool. Her bestfriend Bella was their too. While Harry is trying to get her to go out on a date with him will Jennifer finally just give up and realize shes in love with him.

this is my first movella so plz no hate


12. I'm So Dead

Jennifers P.O.V.


It was 8:29 as the clock ticked to 8:30 the door bell rang I opened it to a smiling Harry  he looked at me and his smile got bigger.I smiled "nice timing" I said he said"I try" I giggled "ugh"I said silently hoping he wouldnt here well I failed "what's wrong" "um nothing I just giggled I hate it when I giggle""Oh""yah""your strange""is that a good thing or bad thing?"I asked "good" "ok""well we should get going"Harry said"where are we going"I asked walking out the door"Its a secret" "Pwease tell me" I said giving him the puppydog eye she chuckled"Don't give me those eyes you know they work on everyone"I smiled and stopped with the eyes He opened the door to his Black Range Rover for me I got in and he closed the door after I said"thank you"He nodded and got in the drivers seat.He drove to some woods 'weird' I thought He got out opened my door for me "thank you" I said he nodded"close your eyes"he said I closed them"where are we going?""I cant tell you"he said"So this si where your going to kill me" I said he chuckled "Naw I just cant let you see it yet"he said "yup this is the end tell Bella I love her" I said "just be patient"he said all sassy "damn you being sasssy" I said he laughed then it was silent the way their he didnt trust me to keep my eyes closed so we end up walking with his chest on my back with his hands on my eyes so I knew he was being secretive.We finally got their he took his hands of my eyes and said look

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